Monday, September 22, 2014

September Give Thanks, Week 3

September 15:
      Thankful that my husband was willing to spend a little extra money out of our budget for a night out for dinner. It was so nice to have a REAL meal, made for us and I didn't have to clean up or do the dishes.

September 16:
     The greatest moment today was when my boys tried hopscotch for the first time. I am so thankful they are willing to try new things, laugh and enjoy it too. Its a ton of fun to watch them experience new things.

September 17:
     Its nice to get out of the house and go do something new and different. Today, I am thankful that our housing company put together a slip and slide event and the boys enjoyed running around and playing.

September 18:
     SOOOOO thankful for my husband surprising me with a starbucks run today! OMG, I sooo needed it. Its been a hard, long, exhausting week for both of us and he was just so freakin awesome to do that for us both! Love that man to death. Thanks babe!

September 19:
     I am so thankful that I am finally (after a year of being at Beale AFB), I am meeting a few more moms, and hanging out with new people!! So thankful for new friends and new mom friends at that!!

September 20:
     Thankful today that as a family, we were all able to get up and have a random dance party in our livingroom. Our oldest son kept saying, "Come on mom/dad, dance, dance mom/dad dance, come on..." It was a ton of fun! Tomorrow, we dance again!

September 21:
     Thankful that I can keep in touch with family, even when its negative or positive information. I am so happy that we can have this technology and have the ability to be so connected to everyone's lives.

Give Thanks,

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