Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Thank You Quilt

My wonderful neighbors have done so much for us in the one year that we have been neighbors. They have let us come over, have dinner, drink wine, let the kids play, give us stuff, and even watched our cat while on vacation. They are just wonderful amazing neighbors. I am so thankful for everything they have done for us. I wanted to take some time to make them a thank you quilt. I pulled a bunch of fabric out, and finally came across this pile of green, blue, and purples. I have been saving it for no particular reason, just haven't found anything to use it for. When I came across it, I thought this will be perfect.

The colors and patterns have feminine and masculine colors and designs. The pieces of fabric came in squares, so I just paired them together (as randomly as I could), and then stitched down the left and right of the center. I then cut the squares down that center and ironed them open.

Once I had a ton of squares with two different fabric on either side, I laid out a front and a back.

Front laid out.

The front all sewn together.

The back all sewn together.
I added some higher loft batting. I did not use my usual cotton batting as I wanted them to be able to use it as a blanket/quilt.

Batting added, and pinned.
Once it was quilted up and the binding was on, I had to make sure I placed a label on it, and it was done!

Had to add a label.

Front all done.
The quilting was mostly geometric shapes. I did triangles, circles, lines, trapezoid, and curved lines.





The back, finished.
The colors are so vibrant, these photos don't do justice! The purple is a dark purple with a black floral pattern. The green is more of a lime green, and the blue is a nice teal and light blue.



They loved the quilt, and I am just glad I could give them something handmade and special.

Don't forget to give thanks to those you care about.

Give Thanks,

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