Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nautical Door Hanger and Photo Banner

I always love seeing those door hangers that welcome you to the party in style. Its my new obsession for any party. I made a mickey mouse wreath for my sons 2nd birthday party, and a 4th of July door hanger for the summer; so for me it was only fitting I made one for my sons nautical themed birthday party.

To make the door hanger, I wanted it to be an anchor as the main focus; so I purchased craft foam in orange and navy blue. I also grabbed foam letters in white to add a description on the door hanger.

I then printed the anchor at about 300% more than the original, cut it out, and traced it onto the foam. I then wanted to add a little more to it, so I cut out an orange foam sail boat and a wheel; which were about 175% larger than their original. I then used tacky glue to glue everything together. Lastly, I added the foam letters to say, "Jareds's 1st Birthday".

I added the twine to tie it onto the door.
It was so cute, and I hope everyone felt welcomed!
This door hanger can be made in any theme, any color, and for any kind of party. The craft foam they sell these days is in such an array of colors, you can pretty much get anything and everything.

A 1st birthday is one of those days I sit back and try to remember what my little guy looked like, how he has grown, what he has learned, and so on. One of the things I love to do is take a monthly photo and post each one at the party. Its a walk down memory lane for my guests but also for myself.

To make these photo frames I used a white card stock paper, and cut out a rectangle. I then cut out the center of it so I have a perfect frame with no cuts or piecing, its all one continues rectangle. I then use that white card stock as a template and trace it onto the scrapbook paper I got. I then cut those out and attach the printed photos to the back. I use simple photo mounting squares to attach everything together.

I then lay out how I want the banner of photos to look, and once I have it how I like it I grab my hot glue and twine. I use the same twine I have been using for the entire time, and carefully hot glue the twine to the back of each photo top and the decorative items on the end. I left a little extra twine on each end to hang them up.

Once the banner was up on the wall I was so happy with the end result. Everyone said how cute it was and a great way to see him in his stages of his first year of life. I am so happy with how everything turned out for this nautical themed birthday party, but the best part was my little guys smile!

I can't thank everyone who helped, came to the party, and gave Jared a special gift. Thank you everyone so much, it was such a special day.

Time to Party,

Friday, August 29, 2014

August Give Thanks, Week 4

August 22:
     I am so thankful today to have experienced a new place (Children's Museum, in Rancho Cordova) for free, and the kids LOVED it. The children's museum was full of hands on fun, and the kids enjoyed touching, playing, painting, throwing, getting wet, and just running around. I can't thank my friend Paula enough for all the amazing places she has introduced me to.

August 23:
     I am so thankful that my husband has his bike back up and running, and we were able to go out for a small bike ride. It was so much fun and I never realized how much I like riding my bike.

August 24:
     Thankful today for my family who checked in on us to make sure we were okay. Napa/San Fran had a huge 6.0 earthquake and thankfully we did not feel anything and we did not have any damages. I am thinking about all the families and friends who are in that area and may have had some damage. You all are in our thoughts. Stay safe.

August 25:
     Thankful today for a little afternoon coffee. Yum yum, and it was well needed because the kids protested nap time.

August 26:
     Spent the afternoon in the ER with my youngest after he had an allergic reaction. Thankful for my wonderful mother and husband who help make me feel like I was doing the right thing, even if I wasn't.

August 27:
     After spending yesterday in the ER with my youngest, I needed some me time. I spent most of the day cleaning up my craft room and trying to get the room back in functioning order. I am thankful that I was able to spend some time cleaning and relaxing with my crafts. For crafters out there, you understand; its like a yoga studio to a yoga instructor, or a soccer field to a soccer star, etc. Its just my piece of heaven.
Before I moved everything around.

Folding partying, and color organizing all my fabric.

Half way done.

Another angle of the half way done.
August 28:
     Another visit to the ER today, this time it was my oldest son after he smashed his nose into the table. Thankful today that he did not break it, or need stitches, just some glue. Made me appreciate the small things today. I am just so thankful his nose wasn't broken and that my husband was there to help hold his hand (and mine).
Before the ER, this is after I cleaned up the blood.

Glued face and lots of bruising starting.
Give Thanks,

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Goody Buckets for Nautical Birthday

This is the second half of the goody buckets. I put baggies of goldfish and cookies in the goody buckets but I also added a few other items. Here are the other small items I added to the buckets and how I made them.

I used word document and made a cover page for the coloring book. I printed 10, as I had 10 buckets to fill.

I also used the same twine I purchased for the banners and used a hole puncher to tie the twine through all the pages.

I then used image search engine online and looked up free coloring pages. I then printed them and again made 10 copies of each.

page 1

page 2

page 3

My husband and I found these water guns at Party City (during summer) and they were like $7 for 12. Which is a great deal.

I printed small labels, again using word document, and just cut them out. I used matching orange and navy blue paper and cut out slightly larger pieces to go behind the labels.

I then used regular glue and glued one white label to one blue or orange piece of paper.

I punched a hole in the corner of the labels, added the twine, and then tied them onto the bucket handles.

The buckets I got at Walmart, again during the summer, and they were less then a $1 each.

I added a few lifesavers to the buckets as well.
The total run down of the buckets were as follows:
Bags (100 count, 3 x 4): 2.99 Micheals gives military discount, so they were cheaper for me.)
Water guns: 7.00
Goldfish: 11.00 (for 3 - 1 pound bags, I only used 1 bag)
Mints: 10.00 (walmart)
Color pages: free
Buckets: .80 (walmart)
Cookies: free, I had all the supplies on hand

Total: 10 buckets for under $35! I call that a deal. My mother in law was shopping at Target and found washable markers on clearance for less then $2. She purchased about 10 packages, so the kids could color and we didn't have to worry about it, as we could just wash it right off.

The buckets were a great hit, and we only had 3 left at the end of the day. It worked out well, as I had 2 for my kids and one for our neighbors daughter.

Splish Splash,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Quilt Inspiration 365

Have you ever been in a hurry to get a project from start to finish because you need to make one for a party, birthday, gift, or something else? I know I have. I have sat in front of my hoarding collection of fabric, looked through old quilt magazines and books, and I have even gone to quilt shops in the area to see if I get inspired by any of the local fabric or quilts/wall art. Most of the time I find fabric, patterns, or ideas but never for a quick project when I need it. Always for the OTHER long term projects. I usually waist a day or two doing all the above, and then spend the third day hunting for pictures or items on pinterest to get inspiration.

With some luck, or just a gut feeling I eventually find something that jumps out at me, and bam I have inspiration and hopefully an idea.

This month I wanted (and needed) a door quilt/hanger for the front door at my house. I currently have a 4th of July hanger on the door, and well its well past that date. (Check out how I made it over here). I wanted a end of summer/school/fall/autumn feel to the hanger; I just had no ideas in my head. I was blank. When I say blank I mean NOTHING! I had no inspiration. I obviously have procrastinated on it for weeks and still had no idea or inspiration on what I wanted to do.

I went to Joanns for some fabric one day and walked in to all the Autumn items in the front. I looked around and saw the cutest little scarecrows just sitting there on the shelf. A boy and girl scarecrow.

I just fell in love with them instantly. I had to remind myself I was not there for decorations and to stay focused. The next time I went to Joanns, I looked again, and sadly did not see them anywhere. (They did go on sale, so it was possible they sold out.) I looked online and saw the photos (above) and was thinking, "Thats it, those are so my inspiration!"

Kona Shale, Kona Lipstick, Kona School Bus, Kona Corn Yellow, Kona Bonsai, and Kona Gold
Kona Spice, Kona Steel, Kona Bonsai, Kona Citrus, Kona Yarrow, Kona Tangerine
 Once I had the colors and an idea of what I wanted to do I printed the color pallets out, and an image of what I wanted to use. The image is there to help visually see what pieces of fabric, and how I wanted to cut them out.

I then grabbed a handful of different colored fabric, trying to match as close to the pallet colors as I could.

I then began to use the different fabrics I chose to create a field where the scarecrows would stand.

I then pieced together the male and female scarecrow. Which I was so happy with when I was done. They still need faces and some patches on their clothing, but as of right now I am so happy with how they came out.

Here are some close ups of the scarecrows:

I then added the word "Welcome," as this will be hanging on my front door. I will hopefully be able to hand sew the faces and patches on soon, and then finish this door hanger up.

I can not wait to hang it on my door and see a design come to life. I just am so glad I went into that Joanns, and was able to find them online for visual help!

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Be sure to come back and visit here, as I update and post new tutorials, DIY projects, and show you how to make tons of fun projects and quilts.

Find Your Inspiration,

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nautical Birthday Decorative Goody Bags (Cookies and Goldfish)

For my sons 1st birthday party this year, we did a nautical theme and I wanted to make some goody bagged items for the goody buckets. While shopping one day I was walking through the snack aisles, and saw goldfish! I thought, for sure I could use those. Not only are they perfect for the kids, but they are fish and go with the theme of nautical. It was perfect. I grabbed a HUGE box and headed home to start making some packages of them.

To start I purchased small snack sized bags from a craft store. I grabbed my cut outs that I made, my stapler and of course the goldfish.

I filled each bag using a measuring cup to make sure they all had about the same amount in them. I then folded the two corners of the bag in towards the center.

I then folded the pointed tip down.

Then folded that over once more.

Take one of the cut outs and place a large part of the cut out over the folded bag.

Use your stapler and staple the bag to the cut out. Make sure you go through the folds.

Now do that however many times you need to. I had 10 buckets and so I did a few of each color.

The finished product is awesome.

I also made sugar cookies, with chocolate star molds and colored royal icing. I then packaged them exactly the same way.

Don't they look great with the anchors?

I then added them to their goody buckets and the kids (and adults) loved them.

Buckets at the party.

I had extra cookies in a basket for the adults. Lifesavers too (sticking with the theme).

The cake/goody table.

Basket with cookies in them. I did not add cut outs for these.

The goody buckets with all the items in them.
I hope you all find this as an easy DIY for any party. Thats what I love about this goody item, you can pretty much buy cut outs in any theme or color, or you can make and cut them out yourself. You can use any kind of food or candy, and you can buy these bags in pretty much any size, shape, or colors as well! If you have an odd shaped item, you can use cellophane rolls and cut off whatever amount you need, and just tie it closed with ribbon. Perfect for any goody or gift.

Anyone Want A Snack?

August Give Thanks, Week 3

August 15:
    Thankful for a play date to wear the kids out and make my life a little easier. I hope it made my neighbors a little easier too.

August 16:
     Thankful we could have a full day spending time catching up with our friends; Matt and Chelsea. It was a great day spent at the Zoo and Old Sacramento.

All of us at the giraffe exhibit at the Sac. Zoo!

August 17:
     Its always so fun having friends over for dinner and some dessert; I am so thankful we can enjoy such a wonderful time with our neighbors. We really have the best neighbors ever!

August 18:
     Thankful for finding a new quilt shop in the area. Its like finding the best outfit or the best sushi restaurant... A quilt shop is so exciting to discover. Check out Angel Quilters shop.

August 19:
     I am thankful for all the amazing, wonderful people in my life. I don't say it enough, and today I feel the need to tell EVERYONE in my life that I am thankful for you. I am thankful for all the memories, the blessings we have received, the helpful hands, and sooo much more. Thank you.

August 20:
     Thankful for a few of my sad sunflowers finally blooming. They are small but they are cute. Ill have to get a photo of them, I finally have about 3 or 4 in bloom. (If you all didn't know I am so horrible at keeping flowers alive, never the less growing them from seeds to full flowers.)

August 21:
     I am so thankful my neighbor would go with me to a housing event, and make picture frame holders. I enjoyed myself a ton, and loved the finished product. I was happy to get out, and be doing something different too.

At the park making my picture frame holder.
Give Thanks,