Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nautical Birthday Decorative Goody Bags (Cookies and Goldfish)

For my sons 1st birthday party this year, we did a nautical theme and I wanted to make some goody bagged items for the goody buckets. While shopping one day I was walking through the snack aisles, and saw goldfish! I thought, for sure I could use those. Not only are they perfect for the kids, but they are fish and go with the theme of nautical. It was perfect. I grabbed a HUGE box and headed home to start making some packages of them.

To start I purchased small snack sized bags from a craft store. I grabbed my cut outs that I made, my stapler and of course the goldfish.

I filled each bag using a measuring cup to make sure they all had about the same amount in them. I then folded the two corners of the bag in towards the center.

I then folded the pointed tip down.

Then folded that over once more.

Take one of the cut outs and place a large part of the cut out over the folded bag.

Use your stapler and staple the bag to the cut out. Make sure you go through the folds.

Now do that however many times you need to. I had 10 buckets and so I did a few of each color.

The finished product is awesome.

I also made sugar cookies, with chocolate star molds and colored royal icing. I then packaged them exactly the same way.

Don't they look great with the anchors?

I then added them to their goody buckets and the kids (and adults) loved them.

Buckets at the party.

I had extra cookies in a basket for the adults. Lifesavers too (sticking with the theme).

The cake/goody table.

Basket with cookies in them. I did not add cut outs for these.

The goody buckets with all the items in them.
I hope you all find this as an easy DIY for any party. Thats what I love about this goody item, you can pretty much buy cut outs in any theme or color, or you can make and cut them out yourself. You can use any kind of food or candy, and you can buy these bags in pretty much any size, shape, or colors as well! If you have an odd shaped item, you can use cellophane rolls and cut off whatever amount you need, and just tie it closed with ribbon. Perfect for any goody or gift.

Anyone Want A Snack?

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