Thursday, January 31, 2013

Its an All American Kind of a Day!

Today I spent working on a promotion cake for a cake order. I was lucky enough to have a coffee in the fridge (thanks to my amazing husband), and a happy little guy (my son) who was willing to eat, nap and play without too much attention! The promotion cake is one I have done before, so making it this time around was a little easier. 

My day was simple, work on making icing for the cake, get it covered and decorated. The fondant work seemed to take up just as much time, if not more, then the icing. Which was exhausting! My son and I woke up around 8:45am, we had breakfast, and then I began to work on the cake order. I was able to finish the cake by the time my husband walked in the door from work, at 5pm or so. I have to say it was perfect timing!

Heres the sneak peek I have for the cake. I will photograph the cake tomorrow and ill hopefully get around to posting the full cake photos then. 

I have to say I love making cakes, decorating them, and being creative, as well as trying new things. However, making the same style cakes over and over again kind of bores me. I can only hope that each opportunity I have to make a cake will be a fun adventure! 

On the other hand, I have been busy these past few weeks getting items ready for my sons birthday party in a few weeks. I recently made a monster pajama eater. I found the tutorial, thanks to an amazing friend of mine. Heres all the details as well as the tutorial: Monster PJ Eater Tutorial

I attempted this guy:
I think he turned out okay! Especially since this was my first time sewing a zipper in! I know, huge success there! It was even my first time using my zipper foot and trying to figure out which one it was. That was fun! I can only wait now until my sons birthday to see if he likes this little guy!

Tomorrow, after the cake is delivered and out of sight, I hopefully will be able to make a maternity dress for my baby shower next month! I found a great tutorial here: maxi dress tutorial and all I can do is hope I dont some how screw it up! The fabric I got was on sale, and the sale has ended, so I just hope the dress turns out ok. Also, I am going to use a t-shirt, as its still kind of winter. Not to mention ill be in California for my shower, so if its hot or cold a t-shirt is the best way to go. 

Well, everyone thanks for joining me on my cake/sewing adventure today! Please come back tomorrow and check out the dress, cake, and anything else I have time to make!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

A New Idea

Hello Everyone,
I figured that making a fun family blog would be a great way for everyone to keep up with our busy lifestyle. Being military and having a child (+ one on the way) keeps me busy, but I thought this would be a fun way for me to share all our adventures and even my little adventures in sewing, cake decorating, and anything else I get my hands in too.

I would like to just say I can not believe its the end of January already! Where has the month gone? Have any of you set a new years resolution? Mine is simple, have this baby, and get back to pre-baby weight (before I had B) before the end of the year. Thats only 337 days to get fit again (well kind of). My other New Years resolution was to start this blog, and get all my crafting ideas out there for everyone to see. I sometimes wonder if anyone wants to know how I did certain things, or if they want to see a tutorial for some of them. Well, heres your chance! Now if you all like something I make you can ask questions, and I can possibly make tutorials on them! 

Well, if you dont know me and you are just a random follower then i'll give you a little background about my family and myself. I married my high school sweet heart 5 years ago, and have been with him for 10 years now. We have one son and a small one baking right now! My husband joined the military around the same time we got married. We lived in Okinawa, Japan for several years, and enjoyed every second of our time there. I started my Pitcher's Bakery while out there, and learned so much about sewing as well. I am a self taught cake decorator as well as a self taught sewer! I do some scrapbooking, but not as much anymore as everything is so digital these days! We are now stationed back in the states in New Mexico at Cannon AFB in Clovis and it is a real adjustment from where we were. While in Clovis (about 6 months now) I have been self teaching myself even more sewing skills with the use of the internet. I have really enjoyed all the amazing new sewing adventures I have taken on and can not wait for my next project. 

I hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy posting in it. I will aim for at least 4 posts a month, but with a new one o the way, I might slow down when we get closer to my due date! 

Happy adventures and keep an eye out for a new post soon!