Sunday, June 22, 2014

June Give Thanks, Week 3

June 15:
     Happy Father's Day to all the amazing fathers out there. Today is the day that we all thank our wonderful fathers; sadly I do not have one to thank. Instead I have an amazing, wonderful, inspiring, uplifting, supportive, and loving husband who takes care of our kids and does a damn good job at it, and that (or rather, who) I am thankful for.

Opening his Father's Day gift I made.

Its an ipad mini case made from his uniforms.

June 16:
     I love when I have a chance to do a little sewing. Its my happy place. I am so excited and really thankful to have finished a door hanging project that has been in the works for awhile now. I finally finished it and was able to hang it up today!

Hanging on the front door.

The appliqued stars.

How I quilted the corners.

June 17:
     Weight loss has been a huge part of each and every day this year so far. I wanted to take a moment today to be thankful for each small and large weight loss. Even though some weeks I loose a few ounces and others I loose 5 pounds; we all need to remember that its just another step forward to a healthier goal and healthier life style. Work hard and enjoy the small (and large) victories!

Updated weight loss photo.

June 18:
     Started a new sewing project today, and of course its for our master bedroom decor. I can not wait to finish it. With that, I am so thankful to my husband for letting me go crazy and re-do our master bedroom bedding/decor. I can not wait to get the quilting tool I need to make our blanket!!! I am so thankful for these fun and wonderful projects!!!

June 19:
     I am so thankful that my oldest son loves to help me in the kitchen. He sees me starting to get the chocolate chip cookie dough items out and he asks/signs "help?" I love that he wants to crack the eggs, and pour the flour in. I am so glad he will have these fun memories of making cookies with us.

June 20:
      I am so lucky and thankful for my amazing neighbor. She has a daughter my sons age and they absolutely love to play together. I love how they just run each other out, and he always sleeps great after they hang out. I cant thank her enough for all the information she gives me about the community, parties, and local events. She is by far one of the best neighbors I have had, ever!

June 21:
     Thankful beyond thankful for being able to attend a new group today. Not only did my oldest get to play at a playground, but I was able to meet a few other moms, and snag a ring sling for our vacation! I can not wait to try the ring sling out and hopefully I end up loving it (as well as little man). So happy I finally am getting out into the community and exploring the world outside my house (don't judge, I am a hermit.)

Give Thanks,

Saturday, June 21, 2014

June Give Thanks, Week 2

June 8:
     Today I am extremely thankful for my amazing husband and wonderful kids, as well as my amazing friends and family. Its my birthday, and I have been spoiled beyond being spoiled! I got new running shoes (well over due, my old shoes were about 5 years old), I got fabric for our master bedroom, my in-laws sent me a gift card and a fabric piece, and lastly I went out to dinner with my husband and two kiddos at a sushi restaurant! SPOILED!!! It was one of the best birthdays, I loved every second of it!

New shoes!!


My little man and I before dinner!

June 9:
     Its been crazy to see how many friends and family members have birthdays this week alone. June is a great month and I am just so blessed and thankful to have such amazing people around me, not only that but Happy Birthday to Matt, my brother-in-law.

June 10:
     So thankful for my oldest son, as he went PEE PEE on the POTTY!!! YAY! Now, it's a lot of asking and questioning about pee or poop, fun fun!

June 11:
     Today I am seriously thankful for the change in my purse! I was able to enjoy a little starbucks because of all the change I carry around (not to mention I needed to drive around because Jared wouldn't nap...) but anyways, still thankful for all the extra quarters, dimes, and nickles! Hey, a mom needs her coffee fix, don't judge me!

June 12:
     Thankful beyond thankful for how great my husband and I are doing on our "budget". Its been tough and extremely challenging, but today we spent HALF of what we usually spend on groceries, yay! Go us!

June 13:
     I am in love with the millions of cuddles my youngest son gives me. Especially today, I am so thankful for each and every one of them. We can never forget these small very mini moments. These are the moments I want to remember forever.

June 14:
     Its a simple moment in each and every day, the moment you wake up to a bright and sunny new day. I am thankful for each and every wonderful day that I wake up and am lucky enough to spend it with my family and friends.

Give Thanks,

Friday, June 13, 2014

June Give Thanks, Week 1

June 1:
     Today was a little rough. We went out to run errands and my oldest was a hot mess in Target. I am thankful that I had the back carrier, that I made, with us; because I put him in it (after several nasty looks), he calmed down instantly. He almost fell asleep before we got back to the car. I am so happy he fits in it.

June 2:
     I still can not believe my youngest is going to be 1 this month, but I am thankful that he is wanting to be more independent and do such things like, feeding himself. Feels great, but a bitter sweet moment too.

June 3:
     I am thankful that I actually had time tonight to paint my toes and my finger nails, all while watching one of my shows. Peace and quiet.... its bliss!

June 4:
     Today was an awesome day! I am thankful I was able to get so much done! I finished several projects for my sons first birthday, did the laundry, dishes, made dinner, cleaned the car out, returned stuff at Target, did a few errands, and still had time to clean out the boys toys! It was a beautiful day.

June 5:
     I am thankful for whatever was in my coffee this morning. Sounds silly, but I literally cleaned the ENTIRE house, did all the dishes AND the laundry. I put everything away, and even had time to clean the microwave (talk about cleaning)! Feels great!

June 6:
     Today I am thankful for my best friend. We chatted on skype late last night, and I am so thankful that she is so open with me. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend who can be happy with me, sad with me, and listen as well as catch up like we talk everyday (even when we go months without chatting). Thank you Kim!

June 7:
     Sometimes, its the simple things in life that we should be thankful for. Today I am thankful for the patience I have, and even though it has taken me years to gain it, I am thankful to have such amazing patience (especially with my kids! Hey we have all been there.)

Give Thanks,

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May Give Thanks, Week 5

May 29:
     Feeling like the world around me is finally becoming a peaceful place to live, and I am so thankful for this peace. I feel more calm, humble, awake, happy, and so many more emotions and feelings. Its been an amazing month.

May 30:
    Today I am thankful for the amount of weight I have lost. I am down 35 pounds. I cleaned out my closet and drawers of clothing. I got rid of tons of stuff. Just look at this weight loss:

(Excuse the bad hair/no makeup) These are shorts I wore when I was at my HEAVIEST! Look at this amazing gap! Feels great!

May 31:
     Today we traveled to Vacaville, which is about an hour and some change from us. My sister and brother in law were having a family party, and I was able to attend and meet my nephew for the first time. I am so thankful that I got to spend the day with my new nephew, sister, and brother in law (plus my two kids, and husband). I met a lot of my brother in laws family, and enjoyed meeting some of the people who are more local to us. It was great. I am so happy to have met my nephew!

My new nephew and myself, isn't he adorable!

Give Thanks,