Sunday, June 22, 2014

June Give Thanks, Week 3

June 15:
     Happy Father's Day to all the amazing fathers out there. Today is the day that we all thank our wonderful fathers; sadly I do not have one to thank. Instead I have an amazing, wonderful, inspiring, uplifting, supportive, and loving husband who takes care of our kids and does a damn good job at it, and that (or rather, who) I am thankful for.

Opening his Father's Day gift I made.

Its an ipad mini case made from his uniforms.

June 16:
     I love when I have a chance to do a little sewing. Its my happy place. I am so excited and really thankful to have finished a door hanging project that has been in the works for awhile now. I finally finished it and was able to hang it up today!

Hanging on the front door.

The appliqued stars.

How I quilted the corners.

June 17:
     Weight loss has been a huge part of each and every day this year so far. I wanted to take a moment today to be thankful for each small and large weight loss. Even though some weeks I loose a few ounces and others I loose 5 pounds; we all need to remember that its just another step forward to a healthier goal and healthier life style. Work hard and enjoy the small (and large) victories!

Updated weight loss photo.

June 18:
     Started a new sewing project today, and of course its for our master bedroom decor. I can not wait to finish it. With that, I am so thankful to my husband for letting me go crazy and re-do our master bedroom bedding/decor. I can not wait to get the quilting tool I need to make our blanket!!! I am so thankful for these fun and wonderful projects!!!

June 19:
     I am so thankful that my oldest son loves to help me in the kitchen. He sees me starting to get the chocolate chip cookie dough items out and he asks/signs "help?" I love that he wants to crack the eggs, and pour the flour in. I am so glad he will have these fun memories of making cookies with us.

June 20:
      I am so lucky and thankful for my amazing neighbor. She has a daughter my sons age and they absolutely love to play together. I love how they just run each other out, and he always sleeps great after they hang out. I cant thank her enough for all the information she gives me about the community, parties, and local events. She is by far one of the best neighbors I have had, ever!

June 21:
     Thankful beyond thankful for being able to attend a new group today. Not only did my oldest get to play at a playground, but I was able to meet a few other moms, and snag a ring sling for our vacation! I can not wait to try the ring sling out and hopefully I end up loving it (as well as little man). So happy I finally am getting out into the community and exploring the world outside my house (don't judge, I am a hermit.)

Give Thanks,

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