Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Give Thanks December, Week 4

December 22:
     Thankful to be done with our Christmas shopping.

December 23:
     Thankful for a wonderful day down in Balboa Park, while we checked out the train museum, and had some delicious Mexican food.

December 24:
      Today is a day I am thankful for family and all my amazing friends. Its just been a wonderful day with so much to be thankful for.

My mother and my youngest, Jared

December 25:
     How am I not going to be thankful for my husband, and my two wonderful boys. Yes we all have those off days, and we question a lot; but I am thankful for all of the bad and all of the wonderful moments too. I am thankful that I can learn and grow as an individual to become a better wife and mother.

December 26:
     Thankful that we were able to see Great Grandma Dolores today. The kids love seeing her, and I am sure she loves seeing the boys. Its always hard to see her as she is kind of in the middle of Cali, and a lot of family is either northern or southern. However, today we all got together and saw her. It was a ton of fun to hangout and let everyone play and chit chat. Wonderful and such an amazing experience to be thankful for.

Vava (Great Grandma Dolores) showing my youngest his gift. 

December 27:
     Thankful for one last full day in southern Cali. I hate saying goodbye, but its nice to see family and friends when I can. I am thankful to my in-laws who housed me for the month, and fed us all! We love you all so much, its hard to leave.

December 28:
     Nothing beats your own bed, and your own pillow. Thankful to be home, safe and sound, the boys are a little off but playing pretty well, and the husband is being a champ for us all (as I am not feeling 100%).

Give Thanks,

Monday, December 22, 2014

Give Thanks December, Week 3

December 15:
     SOOOOO Thankful that my mom is giving me her 40 year old Kenmore sewing machine. Its not completely up and running, but it works!

December 16:
     I am so thankful that my father-in-law is willing to invest money into the kids favorite toys/items, trains! The boys had a blast for hours, while he was setting the train up, playing with it after it was set up and showing us how it worked. Best 2 hours spent.

December 17:
     Thankful that even a day full of errands and relaxing can be a completely fun and crazy day!

December 18:
     I love hanging out with my sister. Thankful that she was able to take the day off from work so we could take the boys to see santa, have photos done, have lunch out, and enjoy some holiday shopping as well.

December 19:
     Thankful that I was able to finish another baby blanket for my etsy shop tonight. Its so cute, I can hardly stand it.

December 20:
     Today was the best, thankful to have spent the morning with my favorite friends Erin, and twin Natalie as we made some delicious treats. Then spent the rest of the afternoon at a family friends house enjoying dinner, conversation and a little white elephant gifts.

December 21:
     Thankful to have my husband here in southern Cali, and near my side again. Let the best week begin!

Give Thanks,

Monday, December 15, 2014

Give Thanks December, Week 2

December 8:
     I am so thankful for a new sewing machine that helps me bust out a ton of new products, and items to sell, give as gifts, or just to try.

December 9:
     Thankful that these paper piecing patterns I made of birds, are working out perfectly and the fabric and colors are looking amazing together.

December 10:
     I am so thankful to hangout with one of my best friends and see her pregnant belly and wonderful and amazingly adorable kids. Thanks Kim for making time for us, I am so blessed to have you as a friend.

December 11:
     Thankful and amazed at what wonderful people I have in my life. One of my friends sent me a TULA and not just any tula, a toddler one in the fabric that I have been eye balling for weeks! I cried when I opened it and I can not thank her enough. THANK YOU SARAH!!!! (yes, she has the same name as me).

December 12:
     I am so thankful that I have two adorable nieces to spoil, I mean, come on, how do you not love that face?

December 13:
      I love sewing, and when friends or family members ask for my help I am so honored and thankful that they ask me. I love to show my brothers, girlfriend, Tiffany, anything and everything I can while I am here.

December 14:
     I love trying new sewing items, and thankful that my friend Erin thought of me when she needed a set of garters for a friend who is getting married soon. They turned out great.

Give Thanks,

Monday, December 8, 2014

Give Thanks December, Week 1

December 1:
     Thankful for a warm but cool day here in southern California, so we could be outside and helping grandma Pitcher plant the Poinsettias in the front.

December 2:
     I always enjoy a wonderful dinner out here in there with family or friends. I am really thankful when my mother takes the boys and I out for sushi! Sushi is the one food I can not afford on our tight budget, and I often only have it when I come down here to visit. Thanks mom for some yummy sushi at my favorite sushi restaurant.

December 3:
     The one thing I love and am soooo grateful and thankful for when I come to southern California, is that my father-in-law and sometimes mother-in-law make lunches and dinners for myself and the kids. I rarely have to make anything other then breakfast. Its just a nice break from the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up after.

December 4:
     Excited and thankful for another etsy order! I am so lucky to have such amazing friends who are willing to take chances on me.

December 5:
     Thankful for the real christmas tree my father-in-law purchased for everyone to enjoy. The boys are loving the "Chwistmas twreee". I am enjoying the wonderful smell too.

December 6:
     Had to wait for its arrival to the shop, but after a long week, I am thankful to have my new sewing machine set up and ready to sew!

December 7:
      I love, having a nephew, and I am so thankful that I get to hangout with him a lot this vacation.

Give Thanks,

Monday, December 1, 2014

Give Thanks November, Week 5

Nov. 29:
     Thankful for some immediate family time. Its always nice to just hangout with my mother, sister, and brother. Its a great chance to catch up and relax.

Nov. 30:
     Thankful that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas decorations and music has arrived!!! The most wonderful time of the year...

Give Thanks,

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Give Thanks November, Week 4

Nov. 22:
     Thankful for a girls night out, even if it wasn't a perfect night, it was nice to get away from the kids and have some adult time.

Nov 23:
     My father-in-law found a local train museum (well the beginning of it), and I am so thankful that he did. Both of the boys enjoyed roughly 30 minutes of train time, making all the cars go fast or slow. Lots of screaming "choo-choo" and "look, its Thomas" was happening.

Nov. 24:
     Every time I get to hangout with my mom, it doesn't matter what we do, we find the most ridiculous or inexpensive ways to have fun. Thankful that I have a wonderful mother who is willing to be spontaneous and crazy with the boys and I.

Finding the fun at the mall, sending off a letter to santa while giving money to an organization!

Nov. 25:
     So excited that I am able to re-do the binding on my first ever quilt, that I made my mother. Thankful that she loved it to death, and thats why I have it back, to re-do the binding! Yay for my first quilt, and laughing, loving, and admiring all the flaws and mistakes.

Nov. 26:
     Thankful that I can invest some time, for myself, into a new facebook group called, "quilter pen pals". Now quilters from all over the world can join the group and get paired up with other members and exchange fabric, patterns, and quilting items. It will be a great adventure.

Nov. 27:
     Thankful for my family, friends, and all the blessing around me.

Nov. 28:
      Thankful for a quick errand out of the house without kids, as I was able to purchase a new sewing machine at an amazing price! YAY!!

Give Thanks,

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Give Thanks November, Week 3

Nov. 15:
      Thankful that the baby quilt is finished! Now that adorable baby can enjoy the warmth of this quilt.

Nov 16:
      Thankful today that I made it safely to southern California. Thankful to have helping hands, friendly faces, and a warm bed to sleep!

Nov. 17:
      Today is my husbands birthday! I am thankful to have him in my life, be the father to our two boys, be the most understanding person I know, and still stays strong and energetic each and every day! I love you babe, happy birthday!

Nov. 18:
     Thankful that I was able to see my nephew and my sister, as well as my mother so far, while on this vacation! So far, so good!

Nov. 19:
     I am always up for a new experience and to see new things. My mother-in-law took my sister, mother and myself to a quilt art show. Yes a quilt art show. Thankful that I was able to see what I love to do in an art form, it was a wonderful experience!

Nov. 20:
      Thankful that my son is not seriously ill or injured. A night at the ER and some antibiotics later, he has strep, but so thankful its not anything extremely dangerous.

trying to sleep while in the waiting room at the ER

Nov. 21:
     After the last few days with a very sick kiddo, I am thankful for a few short minutes to do some sewing and quilting. Yay for some alone time.

Give Thanks,

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Give Thanks November, Week 2

Nov. 8:
      Thankful that I could have such amazing clients to make items for. I am enjoying all the new and unique items I get to make.

Nov 9:
     Thankful for the random lady at the pond that came down and gave our boys several loafs of bread to feed the ducks. They were so happy, and it really just goes to show what wonderful people are still in the world.

Nov. 10:
     Thankful for the simple crafty mind that I was blessed with; it makes making paper piecing patterns extremely easy.

Nov. 11:
     Thankful for a slow day with lots of cuddles from the neighbors dog (who we are babysitting for a month). She really makes me feel appreciated, and loved.

Nov. 12:
      Excited and thankful that I found a fabric swapping group! I can't wait to send out the first batch, and receive fabric too.

Nov. 13:
     SOOOOOOO Thankful that I am NOT a thanksgiving/black Friday shopper. If we shop on Thanksgiving, thats tons of families and family members who wont be able to enjoy the time with each other. Thankful to those who boycott Thanksgiving day shopping.

Nov. 14:
      Excited and thankful to have the chance to make a mom-to-be, a special baby quilt for their new bundle of joy. I really hope she likes it, and tonight I will finish up the binding so that it is ready to be delivered.

Give Thanks,

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Give Thanks November, Week 1

Nov. 1:
     Thankful for a husband who is an electrician and can fix our dryer, which broke AGAIN! I know, samsung front loader dryer, you suck... stop breaking PLEASE!

Nov 2:
     So thankful that my client, Renee, loved her first quilt that I made and finished today. Its a great feeling knowing she has something to remind her of all the wonderful days she put her son in those adorable outfits. I am so happy for her, and glad she loves it!

See more pictures at Pitcher's Boutique FB Page.

Nov. 3:
     So thankful for the cooler weather, not the rain, just the cold air. I love snuggling in a quilt, with my tea, and watching a Holiday movie with the kiddos.

Nov. 4:
     Thankful that I finished the MA portion of my class, and got an 86% on my final! Now on to the EKG portion of the class.

Nov. 5:
      Thankful that my friends and family are willing to pay me to make items for them, and help promote and push my Pitcher's Boutique Etsy shop forward!

Nov. 6:
      Thankful for the little extra few coins and random change in my purse, house and my car. It helped me get a REALLY WELL NEEDED coffee from starbucks, while I drove around to get my kids to nap, because they are not sleeping well, thanks to being sicks, and are on nap strike...... HELP!!!

Nov. 7:
     Can't thank all my friends enough for spending this wonderful Friday at my house for a play date! I am so thankful for each and every new mom, and old moms I see and get to know. Its crazy how much my life has changed, and how many new friends I have truly been blessed with.

Give Thanks,

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tula Cover Tutorial by guest writer: Brita Denton

All our babywearing mamas wanted a quick tutorial on how to cover a tula with unique, different or stylish fabric. Brita offered to make a quick tutorial, with a few photos along the way, for all of us to enjoy. If you end up using this tutorial, be sure to show off your before and after photos, as we love to see all our other mamas DIY projects. 

Now time to get to that awesome tutorial we promised you... enjoy!

Step 1: Trace out your tula onto a piece of paper. Making sure you mark where the straps come out of.

Step 2: Lay the trace out over one piece of lining and the piece you want on the reverse (so your second choice fabric as this will be reversible). Pin together and cut out leaving enough around room around for the seam and to turn out (what I left seemed perfect)

Step 3: Now do the same for your main fabric and lining but this time you need to add extra for the tabs on the side and bottom where you will apply the Velcro to join the two pieces together. I have folded the tabs over to show the lining so you can see what I mean. I just guessed this bit. Wide enough to put a piece of Velcro and the length of the gaps between where the straps join. 

Step 4: Now sew the pieces together. The main piece with its lining, and the reverse side with its lining. Make sure the right sides are together. Then turn them inside out and stitch around the edge to keep in place.

Step 5: Join the top of your pieces together along the top. Make sure you mark where to stop sewing so it isn't joined where the shoulder straps come out. Put the two right sides facing each other to sew.
Check how the size is before adding anything else.

Step 6: Now line the two pieces together to put the Velcro on. Pin in place and check it over the tula and with a child in if you can. This picture shows where the Velcro is in the lining of the reverse fabric and the Velcro goes on the tabs on the good side of your main fabric and folds in to attach.

Here it is finished.


No you can't access the pocket or hood but you could add a hood to go on top. I didn't bother as my toddler never naps.
This covers all parts of the tula except a tiny bit at he buckles on the waist and I also made suck pads, twice the normal length, to cover most of the shoulder straps.

Excuse the 7 year old model. My usual model was out with daddy.

Thank you to Brita for sharing this quick tutorial. I hope all our babywearing mamas love it!

Babywear In Style (or a New Style),
Sarah (and Brita)

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Quilt for a Special Baby Girl

While stationed in New Mexico, we made some wonderful friends. Right after we PCSed to California we found out they were pregnant, and shortly after heard they were having a GIRL!!

I have been so busy with my own life, I never stopped to ask how she was doing. I randomly sent her a text, only to find out she had given birth to her wonderful adorable baby girl. I was just so in awww of her, and her precious little hands. She really looks like her mommy.

I then, instantly began working on a quilt for that adorable little one. I picked out the girliest fabric and colors I had in my stash. I loved the idea of using the purples and pinks, with a soft yellow and soft blue.

I decided on these fabrics, and little by little pulled some or replaced others.

I did a bunch of HST (half square triengles), and started my process of putting them into a pattern...

Did some random sewing.... to help with ideas...

I then fell apon this star like design, and just fell in love with it.

I laid it out, and tried a few different styles of it...

I then picked this one:

...and sewed it all together....

I placed a white boarder around it, and felt it needed more.

So using, the purple fabric, I added an even larger boarder and that was it, I knew this was a finished, adorable perfect top.

I had some wonderful pink mink, and used some left over scraps to create a unique backing. I don't do simple for the people I love.

Time to quilt...

Finishing up the light blue, beautiful binding.

All done, and I am in love with it. I just wanted that little baby girl to have something extra special, just for her.

Front with back.

The FMQ (free motion quilting) I did. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Back detail.

Had to add the label.

I also hand made her card, and really loved how the colors matched.

All in all, I received a wonderful photo and text saying they had received the quilt, and loved it! I am glad that little princess can cuddle up in it, and hopefully she keeps it for years to come.

It Was A Blessing To Make It,