Saturday, November 22, 2014

Give Thanks November, Week 3

Nov. 15:
      Thankful that the baby quilt is finished! Now that adorable baby can enjoy the warmth of this quilt.

Nov 16:
      Thankful today that I made it safely to southern California. Thankful to have helping hands, friendly faces, and a warm bed to sleep!

Nov. 17:
      Today is my husbands birthday! I am thankful to have him in my life, be the father to our two boys, be the most understanding person I know, and still stays strong and energetic each and every day! I love you babe, happy birthday!

Nov. 18:
     Thankful that I was able to see my nephew and my sister, as well as my mother so far, while on this vacation! So far, so good!

Nov. 19:
     I am always up for a new experience and to see new things. My mother-in-law took my sister, mother and myself to a quilt art show. Yes a quilt art show. Thankful that I was able to see what I love to do in an art form, it was a wonderful experience!

Nov. 20:
      Thankful that my son is not seriously ill or injured. A night at the ER and some antibiotics later, he has strep, but so thankful its not anything extremely dangerous.

trying to sleep while in the waiting room at the ER

Nov. 21:
     After the last few days with a very sick kiddo, I am thankful for a few short minutes to do some sewing and quilting. Yay for some alone time.

Give Thanks,

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