Saturday, November 15, 2014

Give Thanks November, Week 2

Nov. 8:
      Thankful that I could have such amazing clients to make items for. I am enjoying all the new and unique items I get to make.

Nov 9:
     Thankful for the random lady at the pond that came down and gave our boys several loafs of bread to feed the ducks. They were so happy, and it really just goes to show what wonderful people are still in the world.

Nov. 10:
     Thankful for the simple crafty mind that I was blessed with; it makes making paper piecing patterns extremely easy.

Nov. 11:
     Thankful for a slow day with lots of cuddles from the neighbors dog (who we are babysitting for a month). She really makes me feel appreciated, and loved.

Nov. 12:
      Excited and thankful that I found a fabric swapping group! I can't wait to send out the first batch, and receive fabric too.

Nov. 13:
     SOOOOOOO Thankful that I am NOT a thanksgiving/black Friday shopper. If we shop on Thanksgiving, thats tons of families and family members who wont be able to enjoy the time with each other. Thankful to those who boycott Thanksgiving day shopping.

Nov. 14:
      Excited and thankful to have the chance to make a mom-to-be, a special baby quilt for their new bundle of joy. I really hope she likes it, and tonight I will finish up the binding so that it is ready to be delivered.

Give Thanks,

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