Saturday, November 8, 2014

Give Thanks November, Week 1

Nov. 1:
     Thankful for a husband who is an electrician and can fix our dryer, which broke AGAIN! I know, samsung front loader dryer, you suck... stop breaking PLEASE!

Nov 2:
     So thankful that my client, Renee, loved her first quilt that I made and finished today. Its a great feeling knowing she has something to remind her of all the wonderful days she put her son in those adorable outfits. I am so happy for her, and glad she loves it!

See more pictures at Pitcher's Boutique FB Page.

Nov. 3:
     So thankful for the cooler weather, not the rain, just the cold air. I love snuggling in a quilt, with my tea, and watching a Holiday movie with the kiddos.

Nov. 4:
     Thankful that I finished the MA portion of my class, and got an 86% on my final! Now on to the EKG portion of the class.

Nov. 5:
      Thankful that my friends and family are willing to pay me to make items for them, and help promote and push my Pitcher's Boutique Etsy shop forward!

Nov. 6:
      Thankful for the little extra few coins and random change in my purse, house and my car. It helped me get a REALLY WELL NEEDED coffee from starbucks, while I drove around to get my kids to nap, because they are not sleeping well, thanks to being sicks, and are on nap strike...... HELP!!!

Nov. 7:
     Can't thank all my friends enough for spending this wonderful Friday at my house for a play date! I am so thankful for each and every new mom, and old moms I see and get to know. Its crazy how much my life has changed, and how many new friends I have truly been blessed with.

Give Thanks,

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