Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Give Thanks, Week 4

May 22:
     I am SO thankful for my brilliant and beyond clever husband who came up with the idea of using the straps off a backpack to make a carrier for our second son. The carrier is similar to an ergo. Check it out:

May 23:
     Today I am thankful for such an open, caring, and supportive mother. I didn't think I could be so open with her until I moved away and realized how much our relationship has bloomed. She really is an amazing person, and I am sad I didn't take every second I could to take in the knowledge she has/and gives.

May 24:
     Thankful for a day in Sacramento at the Train museum! The kids love playing with the train sets and they love running around and seeing all the real trains. Its an amazing museum if you have never been, you should go.

May 25:
     Thankful for my 11 month old baby boy! Jared is going to be 1 before I know it. Can't believe how big he has gotten. Such an explorer too.

     Thankful for a day out with our neighbors (we hiked to Beale falls), but sadly I slipped on a rock and re-injured my knee (the one I had surgery on). Our neighbors, James and Paula were awesome, and I am so thankful for their help with both our kids, as they have two of their own too. It was a great hike up, but a rough one back. We all made it back, I got sick and was in a lot of pain, but so thankful for my wonderful husband and amazing neighbors. Everything worked out well, and I have been resting and icing my knee. Crossing my fingers I feel better in a few days.

Hiking up to the falls, with my 11 month old on my back; before I hurt my knee.

May 27:
     For Mothers Day, my Mom sent me a Starbucks gift card. I am thankful for that one little coffee here and there that I can have without spending any of my cash. I honestly have been on such a tight budget, that I hadn't bought Starbucks in weeks. Feels great to have one again! Thanks Mom!

     Thankful for a little less knee pain today. Hoping that each day is a day closer to feeling normal again. Hopefully this wasn't a bad tear, just a bump in the road. I want to be able to hike those falls again!

Give Thanks,

Sunday, May 25, 2014

May Give Thanks, Week 3

May 15:
     Lots of cuddles from my kids today. Not sure if its growing, teeth, or just simply the day but thankful for all the wonderful cuddles!

May 16:
     Thankful its Friday! Yeah, I am just glad the week is over so we can have a family weekend. I love spending time together as a family, its the best. Yay for Friday!

May 17:
     My niece has arrived. Thankful for another beautiful baby girl to spoil. Leila Pitcher was born today and was a small 7lb 15oz baby. Can't wait to meet her.

May 18:
     Today I am thankful for a little sewing time to be able to finish up Jareds bib and shirt for his first birthday. Heres a little sneak peek:

May 19:
      Kind of sad but thankful I finished such an amazing series of books. I finished the Divergent series today and it was amazing. I am enjoying getting back into reading a little here and there (between my sewing projects.)

May 20:
      So happy and very thankful to have this project done. It will always be a work in progress and probably always will be. However, the boys are loving it and playing with it a ton.

May 21:
      My kiddos went to sleep in two different beds for nap time. I heard some laughing and went to get them from their beds, and found them in one bed. I am thankful they love each other this much, but im not sure the crib is big enough. They seemed happy though, so I guess im not complaining.

Give Thanks,

Saturday, May 17, 2014

May Give Thanks, Week 2

May 8:
     Another day, another ER for my oldest son. Again, another hard day to find something to be thankful for, but while we spent our day at UC Davis ER, I have to say it was one of the most caring, nicest, updated, facility with amazingly kind and passionate nurses and doctors working hard to help find out whats going on with our son. It was an amazingly stressful day with such love and care from the entire ER unit. Thank you to all of them, for all they do.

May 9:
     My husband is back at work today, after spending the past two days at the ERs with us, and I am thankful for his hard work, his dedication to both his family and career. He is an amazing husband and a beautiful soul inside and out. I can't thank him enough for all he does for us. I love you babe!

May 10:
     A great day of relaxation, and thankful for all the cuddles and love from my wonderful boys, and wonderful husband.

May 11:
     Its Mother's Day, so of course I am thankful for my amazing Mother! I love her and couldn't thank her enough for all she has done for myself and my brother and sister! Best mother ever!!

May 12:
     Thankful to feel peace, calmness, and just simple happiness. Its been a great day.

May 13:
     Feeling accomplished and thankful for a few minutes to finish up the boys stove/oven unit. Its pretty much done being painted, and all it needs now is the hardware! Feels good.

     Thankful to find out that most of my families and friends houses (in southern California) are all safe from the wild fires raging right now. Stay safe southern California!

Give Thanks,

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May Give Thanks, Week 1

May 1:
     Thankful for all the "new" things my little guy has done today. He clapped for the first time, took several steps in a row on his own, and even walked from the couch to the coffee table on his own. He is just picking up on everything these days. Even when we say something to him, like "Say, Hi Dada" he will mimic it so well! Its the best feeling ever.

May 2:
     Thankful that I was able to sit down and prep all the blocks for the next section of the Halloween quilt. The prepping on the freezer paper takes a lot of time (probably because I am OCD), but I finished all of it for the next section! Its nice to have that time where absolutely no little hands are grabbing at everything you are doing. Happy dance!

May 3:
     My oldest son tried his hand at painting for the first time today. I am thankful that he enjoyed it a ton (even threw a fit when he had to stop for dinner), thankful he didn't eat any of the paint, and lastly I am thankful for such beautiful artwork now hanging on my fridge! Best way to keep a kid busy for an hour.

May 4:
     For awhile, after the holidays, my mother and I kind of got into a routine of calling each other whenever we could find the time, and just take a moment to catch up. She often called on her way home once a week, and if I missed her call I would try calling sometimes on the weekend while I had a hubby to help keep the kids out of my hair. Today, I called my mother and we were able to chat for some time, so thankful for such a wonderful mother, and as I get older I realize how much it calms me to have someone to chit chat about life with. Its a beautiful thing, that as we age we grow closer to those we often pushed away while we were kids. Love you Mother Elizabeth!

May 5:
     Working on little projects here and there for my sons 1st birthday next month. Thankful today I was able to finish up cutting some of the pages for the banner. I am excited to see this party come together, but at the same time its too soon.

May 6:
     Thankful for an hour or two, during the boys nap, to put one coat of orange paint on the boys stove/oven unit. I can't wait to finish it up.

May 7:
     Today is a hard day to find something to be thankful for, but after a long day in an ER for my oldest son, I am thankful for all the family and friends who have supported us.

Give Thanks,

Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Give Thanks, Week 5

April 29:
     Thankful for the 90 degree weather today, our walk around the block, and being able to enjoy the kiddy pool in the back yard! It was a great day.

April 30:
     The best, random, last minute BBQ; thrown together by our housing company here on base, and the kids loved it too! Thankful to my neighbor for letting me know, and giving us the info and invite. Its exactly how the end to a long day should be; free cupcake decorating, free flowers, free bounce house, free bubbles, free hot dogs, and free painting station. We even won some tickets to a family fun center! It was great.

Decorating and snacking on his cupcake.

Give Thanks,