Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Give Thanks, Week 4

May 22:
     I am SO thankful for my brilliant and beyond clever husband who came up with the idea of using the straps off a backpack to make a carrier for our second son. The carrier is similar to an ergo. Check it out:

May 23:
     Today I am thankful for such an open, caring, and supportive mother. I didn't think I could be so open with her until I moved away and realized how much our relationship has bloomed. She really is an amazing person, and I am sad I didn't take every second I could to take in the knowledge she has/and gives.

May 24:
     Thankful for a day in Sacramento at the Train museum! The kids love playing with the train sets and they love running around and seeing all the real trains. Its an amazing museum if you have never been, you should go.

May 25:
     Thankful for my 11 month old baby boy! Jared is going to be 1 before I know it. Can't believe how big he has gotten. Such an explorer too.

     Thankful for a day out with our neighbors (we hiked to Beale falls), but sadly I slipped on a rock and re-injured my knee (the one I had surgery on). Our neighbors, James and Paula were awesome, and I am so thankful for their help with both our kids, as they have two of their own too. It was a great hike up, but a rough one back. We all made it back, I got sick and was in a lot of pain, but so thankful for my wonderful husband and amazing neighbors. Everything worked out well, and I have been resting and icing my knee. Crossing my fingers I feel better in a few days.

Hiking up to the falls, with my 11 month old on my back; before I hurt my knee.

May 27:
     For Mothers Day, my Mom sent me a Starbucks gift card. I am thankful for that one little coffee here and there that I can have without spending any of my cash. I honestly have been on such a tight budget, that I hadn't bought Starbucks in weeks. Feels great to have one again! Thanks Mom!

     Thankful for a little less knee pain today. Hoping that each day is a day closer to feeling normal again. Hopefully this wasn't a bad tear, just a bump in the road. I want to be able to hike those falls again!

Give Thanks,

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