Saturday, January 10, 2015

Baby Shower Gift

One of our close family friends was having a baby, and a baby girl, at that! By now, you should all know I enjoy making anything having to do with girls. I just can't get enough because I have such true, rough and tough boys.

I wanted to make her the traditional "Sarah" gift, which is usually burp cloths. However, I didn't want to make a ton, and only give her those. So, instead I made each burp cloth extra special, and even added in some adorable bibs as well.

Here are the burp cloths. I added a few "scallops" or half circles to the rows of different colored pinks. I did a raw edge finish on them, so they would fray and have even more detail, and texture.

I just love all the girl colors, and yet still has a little blue/teal.

The bibs I made with strips of the same fabric, and just simply made a large panel of the strips and then cut out the bibs.

I added terry cloth to the back, to make them extra absorbent, and help keep the wetness away from the skin.

I, of course, added fun pink snaps, with just that extra detail on them.

Heres how I finished packaging them all up:

Lastly, heres the items with the handmade card:

I hope the wonderful mother and baby girl love them all.

Burp That Baby,

Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Handmade Cards

I enjoy ever second I spend on making cards. It has been a great way to use my scrapbooking paper, stickers, and tools up. I love adding a little quilting into it as well. Not to mention the amount of money I have saved by using what I have.

The first card below, I made was for my mother's birthday back in October. I made a wall hanging for her, and wanted a card to match the theme and colors. The fabric in the wall hanging was floral and the theme was a vintage apron. She said she wanted an old vintage style apron, as a gift. Since I am not local and can not take measurements of my mother, I decided to add a little humor into my quilting and make a mini wall hanging of a vintage apron.

This is the cover of the card, its purple with a quilted floral diamond and gem style cover.

I used a bright colored floral paper for the inside. Using matching letters I added "Happy Birthday Mom!" I also have the press on/transfer quotes, and the one I added really went well.

The back, I used the diamond quilted paper pieces, and added my "handmade" touch.

Another card I enjoyed making was for a family friend having their very first baby (girl). I love anything baby! I enjoy making burp cloths, baby blankets, and baby pants/shorts. Anyways, I had a ton of really girly stickers and paper, so I cut a few onesies out, added a few stickers and ribbon, and of course a gem or two.

Yes I did cut those onesies out, no punch, they are not stickers, and I did not buy them.

The back of the card:

The inside, I added some very girly stickers, gems and a punch of color.

This last card was for another new mom, also having a girl. I had fun making her card, and tried my hand at a baby carriage. I also did a little tutorial on how I made it.

First thing I did was cut a circle the size I wanted the carriage to be. I need it to have a flat side, and also open like a card. I folded my paper in half, and placed my circle on the folded paper. I then slid my circle down slightly off the fold for the flat bottom of the carriage. Trace your circle and cut.

Once you have it cut, you need to measure out the opening of the carriage, or where the hood would end and the handle bars will be.

Trace and cut that window out.

I then placed my carriage on top of a white piece of scrap paper. I drew a pretty handle (you can do this as unique as you want).

Cut out two of those handles and glue one on the front and one on the back.

I then added wheels, detailed paper, and a few stickers. This is where you can have fun and add all the gems, colors, bows, ribbons, etc.

Once all the glue dried, I added a fun flower, and a few stickers.

Don't forget the inside, and that can be as simple as a little decorative paper.

Heres the back, with my handmade signature.

The finished baby quilt with the matching handmade carriage card.

If you are on a tight budget, and have a ton of stickers, or scrapbook paper available, this is a great way to use those items up, save you TONS of money, and say you care because you spent time MAKING their card!

I love when everyone says, "this card is so cute", "I love this card".... It makes it just that much more sweet, as you invested more time.

Give a Gift,

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Give Thanks December, Week 5 LAST ONE EVER!!!!

December 29:
     Its been a rough day, I am not feeling to well; but with that comes the small moments today, that I am so thankful for. My oldest, almost 3 years old, held the gate open, at the bottom of the stairs today, while my youngest and myself walked through. After, he closed it. He helped me with breakfast, even closed the gate to the kitchen, while letting me know "gate needs to stay closed". He even listened to me when I said that cereal bowls stay on the table, and he returned the bowl back to the table. I guess this new technique might actually be working. Crossing my fingers that being a kind and caring person, means that my kids will be too.

December 30:
     Thankful to finally see some of my military friends again. I missed them all while I was away. Its always so easy to slip right back into life with them. Its like we all just pick right back up where we left off, like we saw each other yesterday!

December 31:
     Thankful that today is the last day of this project, and all that I have learned to be thankful for. Its not always the big obvious things (as some days are too rough), but sometimes its the small things that matter the most. I am so thankful for everyone who supported me through this year, and reminding what I can be, should be, and am thankful for. One month of giving thanks in November just is not enough to learn anything from. A full year, a journey of sitting down each night and thinking about the great, wonderful moments of the day and the almost impossible decent moments in the hard, uneventful days. I have been reminded that each hug, kiss, and word that someone gives time to you should be something you are thankful for. Those people are giving you the time that they value, and in that time they are sharing a piece of themselves with you. Don't forget to smile, keep your chin up while walking, and work hard for each and every goal you want to succeed in the day, month, year, or lifetime.

Thank you for joining me on this year long journey. I can't believe I am done. Is it really over? I guess it is.... until next year. Happy New Year Everyone!

Give Thanks,