Saturday, January 10, 2015

Baby Shower Gift

One of our close family friends was having a baby, and a baby girl, at that! By now, you should all know I enjoy making anything having to do with girls. I just can't get enough because I have such true, rough and tough boys.

I wanted to make her the traditional "Sarah" gift, which is usually burp cloths. However, I didn't want to make a ton, and only give her those. So, instead I made each burp cloth extra special, and even added in some adorable bibs as well.

Here are the burp cloths. I added a few "scallops" or half circles to the rows of different colored pinks. I did a raw edge finish on them, so they would fray and have even more detail, and texture.

I just love all the girl colors, and yet still has a little blue/teal.

The bibs I made with strips of the same fabric, and just simply made a large panel of the strips and then cut out the bibs.

I added terry cloth to the back, to make them extra absorbent, and help keep the wetness away from the skin.

I, of course, added fun pink snaps, with just that extra detail on them.

Heres how I finished packaging them all up:

Lastly, heres the items with the handmade card:

I hope the wonderful mother and baby girl love them all.

Burp That Baby,

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Sew Stitching Cute said...

These turned out really good! Loving the colors and extra touches! The card matches perfectly as well! Well coordinated and I am sure she will love it!