Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May Give Thanks, Week 5

May 29:
     Feeling like the world around me is finally becoming a peaceful place to live, and I am so thankful for this peace. I feel more calm, humble, awake, happy, and so many more emotions and feelings. Its been an amazing month.

May 30:
    Today I am thankful for the amount of weight I have lost. I am down 35 pounds. I cleaned out my closet and drawers of clothing. I got rid of tons of stuff. Just look at this weight loss:

(Excuse the bad hair/no makeup) These are shorts I wore when I was at my HEAVIEST! Look at this amazing gap! Feels great!

May 31:
     Today we traveled to Vacaville, which is about an hour and some change from us. My sister and brother in law were having a family party, and I was able to attend and meet my nephew for the first time. I am so thankful that I got to spend the day with my new nephew, sister, and brother in law (plus my two kids, and husband). I met a lot of my brother in laws family, and enjoyed meeting some of the people who are more local to us. It was great. I am so happy to have met my nephew!

My new nephew and myself, isn't he adorable!

Give Thanks,

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