Friday, June 13, 2014

June Give Thanks, Week 1

June 1:
     Today was a little rough. We went out to run errands and my oldest was a hot mess in Target. I am thankful that I had the back carrier, that I made, with us; because I put him in it (after several nasty looks), he calmed down instantly. He almost fell asleep before we got back to the car. I am so happy he fits in it.

June 2:
     I still can not believe my youngest is going to be 1 this month, but I am thankful that he is wanting to be more independent and do such things like, feeding himself. Feels great, but a bitter sweet moment too.

June 3:
     I am thankful that I actually had time tonight to paint my toes and my finger nails, all while watching one of my shows. Peace and quiet.... its bliss!

June 4:
     Today was an awesome day! I am thankful I was able to get so much done! I finished several projects for my sons first birthday, did the laundry, dishes, made dinner, cleaned the car out, returned stuff at Target, did a few errands, and still had time to clean out the boys toys! It was a beautiful day.

June 5:
     I am thankful for whatever was in my coffee this morning. Sounds silly, but I literally cleaned the ENTIRE house, did all the dishes AND the laundry. I put everything away, and even had time to clean the microwave (talk about cleaning)! Feels great!

June 6:
     Today I am thankful for my best friend. We chatted on skype late last night, and I am so thankful that she is so open with me. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend who can be happy with me, sad with me, and listen as well as catch up like we talk everyday (even when we go months without chatting). Thank you Kim!

June 7:
     Sometimes, its the simple things in life that we should be thankful for. Today I am thankful for the patience I have, and even though it has taken me years to gain it, I am thankful to have such amazing patience (especially with my kids! Hey we have all been there.)

Give Thanks,

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