Monday, December 15, 2014

Give Thanks December, Week 2

December 8:
     I am so thankful for a new sewing machine that helps me bust out a ton of new products, and items to sell, give as gifts, or just to try.

December 9:
     Thankful that these paper piecing patterns I made of birds, are working out perfectly and the fabric and colors are looking amazing together.

December 10:
     I am so thankful to hangout with one of my best friends and see her pregnant belly and wonderful and amazingly adorable kids. Thanks Kim for making time for us, I am so blessed to have you as a friend.

December 11:
     Thankful and amazed at what wonderful people I have in my life. One of my friends sent me a TULA and not just any tula, a toddler one in the fabric that I have been eye balling for weeks! I cried when I opened it and I can not thank her enough. THANK YOU SARAH!!!! (yes, she has the same name as me).

December 12:
     I am so thankful that I have two adorable nieces to spoil, I mean, come on, how do you not love that face?

December 13:
      I love sewing, and when friends or family members ask for my help I am so honored and thankful that they ask me. I love to show my brothers, girlfriend, Tiffany, anything and everything I can while I am here.

December 14:
     I love trying new sewing items, and thankful that my friend Erin thought of me when she needed a set of garters for a friend who is getting married soon. They turned out great.

Give Thanks,

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