Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Give Thanks December, Week 4

December 22:
     Thankful to be done with our Christmas shopping.

December 23:
     Thankful for a wonderful day down in Balboa Park, while we checked out the train museum, and had some delicious Mexican food.

December 24:
      Today is a day I am thankful for family and all my amazing friends. Its just been a wonderful day with so much to be thankful for.

My mother and my youngest, Jared

December 25:
     How am I not going to be thankful for my husband, and my two wonderful boys. Yes we all have those off days, and we question a lot; but I am thankful for all of the bad and all of the wonderful moments too. I am thankful that I can learn and grow as an individual to become a better wife and mother.

December 26:
     Thankful that we were able to see Great Grandma Dolores today. The kids love seeing her, and I am sure she loves seeing the boys. Its always hard to see her as she is kind of in the middle of Cali, and a lot of family is either northern or southern. However, today we all got together and saw her. It was a ton of fun to hangout and let everyone play and chit chat. Wonderful and such an amazing experience to be thankful for.

Vava (Great Grandma Dolores) showing my youngest his gift. 

December 27:
     Thankful for one last full day in southern Cali. I hate saying goodbye, but its nice to see family and friends when I can. I am thankful to my in-laws who housed me for the month, and fed us all! We love you all so much, its hard to leave.

December 28:
     Nothing beats your own bed, and your own pillow. Thankful to be home, safe and sound, the boys are a little off but playing pretty well, and the husband is being a champ for us all (as I am not feeling 100%).

Give Thanks,

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