Sunday, August 24, 2014

August Give Thanks, Week 3

August 15:
    Thankful for a play date to wear the kids out and make my life a little easier. I hope it made my neighbors a little easier too.

August 16:
     Thankful we could have a full day spending time catching up with our friends; Matt and Chelsea. It was a great day spent at the Zoo and Old Sacramento.

All of us at the giraffe exhibit at the Sac. Zoo!

August 17:
     Its always so fun having friends over for dinner and some dessert; I am so thankful we can enjoy such a wonderful time with our neighbors. We really have the best neighbors ever!

August 18:
     Thankful for finding a new quilt shop in the area. Its like finding the best outfit or the best sushi restaurant... A quilt shop is so exciting to discover. Check out Angel Quilters shop.

August 19:
     I am thankful for all the amazing, wonderful people in my life. I don't say it enough, and today I feel the need to tell EVERYONE in my life that I am thankful for you. I am thankful for all the memories, the blessings we have received, the helpful hands, and sooo much more. Thank you.

August 20:
     Thankful for a few of my sad sunflowers finally blooming. They are small but they are cute. Ill have to get a photo of them, I finally have about 3 or 4 in bloom. (If you all didn't know I am so horrible at keeping flowers alive, never the less growing them from seeds to full flowers.)

August 21:
     I am so thankful my neighbor would go with me to a housing event, and make picture frame holders. I enjoyed myself a ton, and loved the finished product. I was happy to get out, and be doing something different too.

At the park making my picture frame holder.
Give Thanks,

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