Friday, August 29, 2014

August Give Thanks, Week 4

August 22:
     I am so thankful today to have experienced a new place (Children's Museum, in Rancho Cordova) for free, and the kids LOVED it. The children's museum was full of hands on fun, and the kids enjoyed touching, playing, painting, throwing, getting wet, and just running around. I can't thank my friend Paula enough for all the amazing places she has introduced me to.

August 23:
     I am so thankful that my husband has his bike back up and running, and we were able to go out for a small bike ride. It was so much fun and I never realized how much I like riding my bike.

August 24:
     Thankful today for my family who checked in on us to make sure we were okay. Napa/San Fran had a huge 6.0 earthquake and thankfully we did not feel anything and we did not have any damages. I am thinking about all the families and friends who are in that area and may have had some damage. You all are in our thoughts. Stay safe.

August 25:
     Thankful today for a little afternoon coffee. Yum yum, and it was well needed because the kids protested nap time.

August 26:
     Spent the afternoon in the ER with my youngest after he had an allergic reaction. Thankful for my wonderful mother and husband who help make me feel like I was doing the right thing, even if I wasn't.

August 27:
     After spending yesterday in the ER with my youngest, I needed some me time. I spent most of the day cleaning up my craft room and trying to get the room back in functioning order. I am thankful that I was able to spend some time cleaning and relaxing with my crafts. For crafters out there, you understand; its like a yoga studio to a yoga instructor, or a soccer field to a soccer star, etc. Its just my piece of heaven.
Before I moved everything around.

Folding partying, and color organizing all my fabric.

Half way done.

Another angle of the half way done.
August 28:
     Another visit to the ER today, this time it was my oldest son after he smashed his nose into the table. Thankful today that he did not break it, or need stitches, just some glue. Made me appreciate the small things today. I am just so thankful his nose wasn't broken and that my husband was there to help hold his hand (and mine).
Before the ER, this is after I cleaned up the blood.

Glued face and lots of bruising starting.
Give Thanks,

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