Thursday, August 28, 2014

Goody Buckets for Nautical Birthday

This is the second half of the goody buckets. I put baggies of goldfish and cookies in the goody buckets but I also added a few other items. Here are the other small items I added to the buckets and how I made them.

I used word document and made a cover page for the coloring book. I printed 10, as I had 10 buckets to fill.

I also used the same twine I purchased for the banners and used a hole puncher to tie the twine through all the pages.

I then used image search engine online and looked up free coloring pages. I then printed them and again made 10 copies of each.

page 1

page 2

page 3

My husband and I found these water guns at Party City (during summer) and they were like $7 for 12. Which is a great deal.

I printed small labels, again using word document, and just cut them out. I used matching orange and navy blue paper and cut out slightly larger pieces to go behind the labels.

I then used regular glue and glued one white label to one blue or orange piece of paper.

I punched a hole in the corner of the labels, added the twine, and then tied them onto the bucket handles.

The buckets I got at Walmart, again during the summer, and they were less then a $1 each.

I added a few lifesavers to the buckets as well.
The total run down of the buckets were as follows:
Bags (100 count, 3 x 4): 2.99 Micheals gives military discount, so they were cheaper for me.)
Water guns: 7.00
Goldfish: 11.00 (for 3 - 1 pound bags, I only used 1 bag)
Mints: 10.00 (walmart)
Color pages: free
Buckets: .80 (walmart)
Cookies: free, I had all the supplies on hand

Total: 10 buckets for under $35! I call that a deal. My mother in law was shopping at Target and found washable markers on clearance for less then $2. She purchased about 10 packages, so the kids could color and we didn't have to worry about it, as we could just wash it right off.

The buckets were a great hit, and we only had 3 left at the end of the day. It worked out well, as I had 2 for my kids and one for our neighbors daughter.

Splish Splash,

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