Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mother's Day and Aerospace Museum

Mother's Day this year, I wanted to go to the zoo and hangout in Sacramento. However, while driving down the 70/99 highway towards Sacramento, we came to a traffic stop. Absolutely no cars were moving in either direction and it was almost impossible to get around, as everyone was trying to. Later that day I found a small snippet about a semi that over turned and smashed into a bridge and broke apart on both sides of the highway. It looked like a horrible mess, but thankfully everyone survived.

When we started to try and head around the traffic jam, we ended up heading inland towards Roseville/Lincoln area. Before we knew it we were in the area. We decided that we wasted too much time trying to get around the mess that it would be pointless to go to the zoo. Instead we traveled over to the Aerospace Museum in McClellan, Ca area. It is free for kids under 5 and military ID holders are free as well. I was excited because this meant we still could get out and enjoy our day, but we wouldn't have to pay for anything.

We had not been yet, and so we were shocked with how much of a variety of airplanes and other internal parts. I was blown away with how much hands on and educational items their were for the kids. They also had a great room upstairs for the kids to color, and play with toys. It was a nice break after running around to all the different airplanes.

Take a look and see:

Sitting in a real pilots seat!

This was outside, look at all the airplanes!

You could walk through a few.

A small T-bird just right for the kids.
This is the play room/coloring area.

Overall, it wasn't the day I had in mind, but it turned out great. I really enjoyed the museum and it feels great to know that I can add one more unique place to see, to our list.

If you are in the area and want something fun to do, you should definitely check out the Aerospace Museum.

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