Friday, August 22, 2014

Nautical Themed Birthday Outfit

I always loved those birthday kids that have the matching themed outfit for their special birthday party. I also know how to sew... of course I made my little boys birthday outfit!

The theme was nautical, and I loved the idea of blue, white and orange. I had purchased some nautical fabric awhile back and never used it. I kept it in the "I want to use for Jared" pile, but never found anything to make for him with that fabric. I then decided it would be perfect for his birthday outfit. I purchased some coordinating orange chevron fabric to go with his navy blue shirt and bib material.

To make the bib:
1) I printed out the letter J and the #1 from a font I liked on my word document.
2) I then traced them onto freezer paper, and cut those out.
3) I ironed the freezer paper cut outs onto the fabric, and traced with a washable pen.
4) I then carefully cut out the letter and number
5) I used double sided fusible interface (heat n bond makes one), ironed that onto the wrong side of the letter and number and cut that out.
6) I then removed the paper backing from the double sided interface, and ironed the J and 1 into place.
7) I appliqued with coordinating thread, and appliqued the "is" on the front of the bib.
8) I then sewed the front of the bib, to the back of the bib (right sides together), left a small hole, flipped the bib inside out, ironed it, top stitched and finished it off with a snap.

To make the shirt:
1) Using the same stencils as I used for the bib, but I enlarged them a little more.
2) I traced them onto freezer paper and cut them out.
3) I ironed the freezer paper cut outs onto the fabric of choice, and traced them onto the fabric with a washable pen.
4) I then cut out the J, anchor and 1 carefully.
5) I used double sided fusible interface and ironed it onto the wrong side of the fabric cut outs.
6) I then cut out the interface, took the paper backing off and ironed the J, anchor and 1 all into place.
7) With coordinating thread I appliqued the anchor first, stopping where it over laps.
8) I then appliqued with coordinating thread, around the J and 1.
9) I finished the shirt off with the "is" applique.

I then used the orange chevron fabric to make shorts for his outfit. You can see a tutorial on how to make pants HERE, just cut them shorter for shorts.

The finished outfit was soooo perfect, I loved it so much. He will be wearing this outfit for months, until I can't get him in them anymore.

The shorts are not that tight, he is sliding down my moms knee.
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