Friday, August 15, 2014


Who out there has any clue what a Mug Rug is? Anyone?

Ok so I was so clueless on what these were, and honestly thought they were a carpet rug of some sort that everyone was going crazy over. Well, I was soooo wrong!

What are mug rugs?
     They are small, rectangular quilts, or hand sewn designs, simply made for your morning (or evening) coffee/tea and or snack. I see them as large coasters.

Why would they be so popular?
     I think they are popular because people are obsessed with having personalized items, small whimsical items, and hand made products. I also think they are popular because everyone loves to work on an instantly satisfying project that you can make with in a day or two, or even a few hours.

How do I get one/make one?
     They are all over Etsy, and other shops. They also are tons of ideas and tutorials on pinterest, that are easy to find. If you are one to make your own, kind of person, then think of these little guys as a quilt block. You basically make one block, and then quilt and bind it. Done!

Ok so where do I get inspiration to make one (or buy one)?
     Look no further, here you go:

Found this Halloween themed one over here on Flickr.

and heres another Halloween one, also on Flickr.

Another holiday one, except for Christmas. I am always a sucker for vintage Christmas.

and yet another more simple Christmas themed mug rug.

and just a few that I like:

Check this out over here:

and this one is so adorable, here:

and can't leave this one out:

Ill wait while you pick your jaw up off the ground.....



OK, you ok now?

Great so back to what I was saying.... Now its time for us all to sew! I am so ready to make one like the little camper, ahhh, its just so cute. I also love the idea of using everyones hobby, and making a mug rug for each person I can think of. That way I can make mug rugs for days!

So, have you made any mug rugs? If so what?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Get Inspired,

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Rudy said...

Do you make the camper mug rug to sell or do you sell a pattern? I would be interested.
Thanks Rudy