Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jared's 1st Birthday Party

In June, we had a small week vacation down to southern California, to celebrate our little guys 1st birthday. I seriously can not believe this year went by so fast. Why do they have to grow up?

It was an exhausting trip, and I was struggling with: doing everything or just let some stuff go. So, I did what the new me would do, I let some stuff go. The end result was a wonderful party, and I enjoyed every second of it, and I hope everyone else did too!

Heres a few pictures from the party, and don't worry the tutorials and more photos will follow this post later this month! Keep an eye out for some tutorials and fun ideas.

I made a front door "wreath" and loved how it turned out!

up close
 While I spent a lot of time cutting out these pieces of paper, I really feel like they made the decorations come together.

Of course I have to do his photos through out the year...

His Birthday Boy chair!

The cake and goody table... yum!!

Heres where I decided to let it go. I made the decorations, but bought the cake. I just was so exhausted and did not want to be up all night making a cake; thanks to my mother in law we had a wonderful store bought cake, with my pre-made decorations!! (I also made the candle... well decorated it to match).

The individual large cupcake was for his "smash cake".

Mints (or life savers, to go with the theme), sugar cookies with royal frosting and chocolate stars which were all made by me!


I will more then likely post a tutorial on how I made these fun buckets, so keep an eye out for them. Total I believe I spent about 15 bucks for everything inside!!

I made the traditional Happy Birthday banner.

Heres those hand cut out anchors, sail boats and ship wheels:

 Of course we had to do cake time:

Such a happy birthday boy!

Blowing out the candle!

Getting his hands dirty.

Family photos, we had small kids pools set up; so excuse the wet 2 year old.

After a costume change, we got to the presents.

Which Jared LOVED opening.

Of course no birthday is complete without mommy dealing with two kids and their complete meltdown at the same time!

Best gift ever... I had something very similar when I was a kid, and thanks to Grandma Leonard, Jared now has one too.

Lastly, here is Jared in his shirt and shorts that I made. The outfit worked great with the theme, and all the colors worked so well together. Thank you to my mom, Grandma Leonard, who purchased all the wonderful balloons and helped me out so much.

 In the end, the day was perfect. Not super big, not super small, but just right. We literally had enough cake for everyone, and had tons of cookies and candy left over. It was a great party and I really have to thank everyone who helped, came to the party, and shared in on our celebration for Jared's 1st Birthday!

Thank you to my Mother and Father in law, who let us use their house and made all the wonderful food and had all the drinks and alcohol to share. Thank you to my entire family for helping me pull this off from afar, and purchasing items here and there for us. Thank you to my wonderful husband who helped watched the kids from time to time, to let me get stuff done for this party. Thank you for agreeing with your mother that I should just enjoy the day instead of bake all day! It was a great idea, and I seriously enjoyed myself, and I know Jared LOVED every second of it.

Another Successful Birthday,

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