Sunday, August 3, 2014

Easter 2014

I know, I am soooo behind on this post, but what better time then now.... I can't wait until next year, right? Alright, so with that lets see if I can bring back some of these memories from Easter (I know it was only a few months ago, but I do have two kids).

The community center on base was offering some fun free activities, and for us military; free is our life! We headed over early in the day, and began by making some picture frames with the kids.

This was his finished picture frame.
 They even had a bunny on hand, to take photos with; or in our case, traumatize our oldest son some more.

Once we calmed him down, we let him run crazy and do his first Easter egg hunt. He loved that!!!

They even had some giveaways, so the kids played while we waited to see if we won anything... uh, nope!

We had baskets ready for the kids to open the next morning, and boy did they love them. I always think that you should go all out for each holiday, but I find that they really don't NEED more toys, or more candy. So, instead we did very little candy and one gift. In the end I am glad we did, because our family ended up sending them stuff as well.

When the kids finally were awake, they couldn't believe their eyes, which made us happy to see them so excited.

Our oldest loved the Easter egg hunt, that we thought we should let him run around our yard and gather some more. Boy did he go crazy!!

Taking a moment to enjoy his goodies.
 It was a great Easter this year, and it was an amazing 1st Easter for our youngest. I hope each year is just as amazing, fun, and full of excitement. 

Happy Late Easter,

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