Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Mug Rugs

Finally, after spending all that time dreaming about mug rugs, I got around to making a few. Check out the post I made awhile back about my new obsession. I just couldn't get enough of them. I was looking all over the internet to find mug rugs to make, ideas to do, and just anything that inspired me. I enjoyed the idea of making the mug rugs more personalized and special to each person. I just need someone to make them for.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law both have August birthdays and now that August is over I can finally post their gifts. Of course I wanted to make them MUG RUGS!!!! My father-in-law has an RV and it has been one of those running jokes between us, about how much I am not a fan of the RV. I figured it would be a great idea to make him an RV mug rug. I used some flannel fabric I had on hand, and just picked matching scrap fabric that coordinated with the flannel.

I started out by drawing up the RV template on some freezer paper. I just added all the details that I wanted to sew on. I even made notes of colors and anything else.

I then cut the RV out, of course I used my PAPER scissors, not my fabric scissors.

Then I cut out all the small compartments. I made a second set, by using extra freezer paper, placing it on top of the RV drawing and tracing the small compartments. I then wrote down what they all were and cut them out.

I then ironed down the freezer paper onto the RV main body fabric. I then pinned and cut it out. I gave myself extra room on all sides just in case I needed it.

I then sewed the sides and bottom, leaving the top open. I am going to be placing the bins on the roof and thought that I might as well leave it open, that way I can tuck them in, and just top stitch across it.

I made the wheels by using two black pieces of fabric, cutting them into circles, stitching around the circle, leaving a hole, flipping it inside out and then ironed the hole so the seams all line up. I then place them onto the RV where I want them to be. You can use your template for placement.

Once I top stitched the tires on and I pretty much did the same thing with the bins for the roof. I stitched 3 sides, flipped them inside out, and left the BOTTOM open. I then slid those opened bottoms into the top of the roof (remember we left it open) and pinned those in place. Time to top stitch the RV.

Now that the RV is closed up and the wheels are on, I cut out the small pieces that go on the RV. I cut them out with about 1/2 inch extra, all the way around. I then iron that 1/2 inch under the piece/freezer paper. Then I laid them onto the RV to test if they all fit in place correctly.

I then used matching thread and contrasting thread to top stitch those pieces into place, and to add accent and details. I highly recommend using a fabric glue stick for helping place the smaller pieces down in place.

Details, like handles make this mug rug perfect!

Also, I added my handmade label onto the back of the mug rug.

The finished mug rug RV was so dang cute, I had a hard time giving it away. Ill make one for myself, someday!

The second mug rug I made, which took a little more planning; was for my Mother-in-laws birthday. Now, let me explain a little why I gave her the mug rug that I made for her. She loves to read, yes; but she is also a librarian. I wanted to make sure I had the "classics" on her "bookshelf". I even thought about making this mug rug two or three shelves, but once I saw how small the books would be, I decided against it, because the books would be to small to add titles. I really wanted to add the titles to the books to give them just that much more realistic feel.

Alright, enough gibber gabber, lets see the mug rug, right?

To start out, I cut out a bunch of scrap fabric that matched or coordinated well with each other. I made sure to write down each pieces size, for future reference. (Reference, get it? HAHA.... shes a librarian!)

I used the sizes of the books to help me cut out the black background pieces. I didn't even bother attempting to figure out how to sew the fabric onto the tilted book, so I cut several large pieces, sewed them on, and laid the book in place where I liked it. I then sewed the two books to the side of it, and trimmed off the extra fabric. Walllaaaaa, I had a tilted book! I also used a dark brown as the shelf, or base, and you'll see why in a minute.

I then cut out and made the book labels with different fonts. (If you want to see how I did this, check out how to make labels.)

When I cut out the book titles, I left about a 1/2 inch to about 3/4 of an inch all the way around them. Then I ironed the extra fabric under/to the back side, to give the labels a clean folded edge. I then top stitched them onto their books.

Once all the books were in place, with their titles, I added a back fabric, and batting.

I then quilted the brown fabric to look like wood; remember its a bookshelf!

I quilted the books by stitching around them and slightly inside the books. Nothing too fancy as I wanted the books to be the main focus, not the quilting.

I chose the black fabric to put on as the binding, and finished that by hand. If you want to see how I sew on my binding, which is super easy, check out the video.

Heres the back, all quilted up.

Lastly, I added a cute label to the mug rugs back. Perfect!

Time to Enjoy the Morning Coffee,


Sew Stitching Cute said...

O.M.G. That RV one turned out SOOOOOOOO cute! Love the library one too... but that RV is adorable! Very nice job! I definitely do not wish to dive into all of those small intricate pieces! I shall leave that all to you! haha

The Pitcher Family Adventures said...

I enjoyed it A LOT!!! I was looking at mini mini mini quilts the other day. I have a few I need to do that my MIL gave me, so I think Ill start with those first!! Thank you, I am really loving them!