Friday, September 26, 2014

DIY Ironing Board Cover

I needed a new ironing board cover, as the one I had was a hot mess. I was tired of getting my iron stuck on it and it sticking to my fabric, etc. It was one that was clamped on by metal, so I couldn't wash it. I decided I would just make one to match my new room decor. I then cut off the strings from the old iron cover and used the cover as a guide.

The old ironing board cover.
 I then cut a bunch of strips and large squares of fabric, and sewed them together to make one long piece. I then laid the old top on the fabric and cut it out.

All the fabric sewn together.
 I then used the pad that was on the ironing board to cut out extra batting. This batting was getting really thinned out and I needed a little more padding to help with all the pressing I do with quilting.

Be sure to cut the fabric with a little extra on each side (about an inch or two).

I then cut out 4 extra layers of batting. This has helped out so much. I no longer get the grates through the ironing board!

I then iron/pin the edge a half in over. This is where I am going to slide the string to tie the ironing board cover on. Be sure to leave a hole about an in or two.

Stitch as far to the left as you can.

Take a safety pin and pin the string or rope that you are using.

Using the hole you have in the fold you just sewed on, slide the safety pin into the side, and push it all the way around until it comes back out through the hole.

Then pull the string or rope, leave a decent amount on the ends.

Place the padding you have and the extra you cut out on the grates of the ironing board. Then add the cover and slowly and carefully pull both ends of the string. I had to sit under the ironing board and kind of shimmy the cover and strings around. Finish it up with a knot or two, or 5!

Stand back and love on your work...

Or your fabric!

I also covered a piece of cardboard with some of the matching fabric, so I could use the wire shelf that was below the ironing board. It works well!

Its just that easy! If you have like 2 or 3 yards of fabric, and are only using one piece of fabric, all you have to do is use the old cover to make the new one, and add the hem and put your string through it. That would be even faster.

This is a great weekend or an hour or two kind of project. I think it took me about an hour and a half or so, as I was sewing a bunch of strips together, and wanted it to be cute.

Time to Press Some Fabric,

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