Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mini iPad Case

My husband recently purchased an iPad mini and has already gone through two cases for it. Both being high end, great quality cases. However, I was not about to let him go purchase another. Instead I thought, why not make him a case COVER/HOLDER. This way when its not in use, in a backpack, or on a trip; he can protect it better.

I liked the idea of using his uniform fabric, so that way he can use it while at work or when he is deployed. For the inside fabric I used a t-shirt material. I wanted something soft and thinner, as the ABU (military) fabric is already really thick. I did add batting to give it that extra padding as well. The buttons I used are from his uniform, so they match the ones he wears every day.

I started out by using two rectangular pieces for the front and back. The front already had the pocket on it. I then cut a half circle and added a few inches to the back of the half circle, to make the opening.

Again, I used grey t-shirt material for the inside. I added batting in the to main rectangular piece, but not in the opening (half circle) piece. I also made the button hole and sewed the button on to hold the opening closed. I again, took this button from an old uniform to make sure it matched.

The smaller pocket is great for pens or pencils, an ID, wallet, etc.

I made his Father's Day card as well, which is a mans shirt with tie. Which is funny because I couldn't tell you the last time I saw him wear a tie.

Or oldest son helped Daddy open his Father's Day gift, and everyone loved it (by everyone I mean the husband and two sons).

Thats all. It was super easy and the only tricky part is trying to sew everything with the batting, and getting all the seams just right. I loved the finished product and hopefully my husband uses it more often then not (which I hope he does, because it will save us money in the long run).

Protect Those iPads,

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