Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thimble Quilt

This quilt is the one I made a tutorial about, while I put the binding on. You can see that video here, and please feel free to share it, pin it, or post it. However, I never really showed off the finished quilt. I wanted to give it a nice spot light for all that wanted to see it.

This quilt top was made by my mother-in-law, Corinne. She made a thimble quilt top, and had placed a tan/gold boarder around the edges of it. She said she had already purchased a back fabric for it, and said I could have it. I was desperate, while on vacation, to sew. My hands are always moving, and I am always wanting to sew something. I then took the top, and the back fabric, placed everything together, with batting and started to quilt away.

Quilting the thimbles.

Just did a mimic if the pattern.

Hand sewing on the binding.

All done.

With the back.
The finished quilt is somewhat a country feeling quilt. Lots of florals, browns, and soothing colors.

I hope you all enjoyed this quilt, as much as I did, quilting it.

If you would like to purchase this quilt, it is available at my Etsy shop.

Find Your Thimble,

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