Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Finished Scarecrow Hanger

Awhile back I posted a Quilt Inspiration Post about my scarecrows. I had started working on a door hanger however, when I posted it, I had not finished the hanger. I wanted to show everyone the finished door hanger and how it came out.

Here is where I left off. I had the scarecrows appliqued on and I was starting in on the hand sewing of the scarecrows faces.

Heres some of the faces done, but still a few more pieces to do. I appliqued on some pockets for each scarecrow.

This is the pair, after I finished. I put a few patches on their clothing, and their faces are complete!

Heres the male scarecrow.

Heres the female scarecrow.

I then did some free motion quilting all over the open areas, around the letters, and around the scarecrows.

Time to finish the binding up on this door hanger and add the triangles to hang it!

Complete and up on the door.

They came out so cute, and I have gotten a few compliments from some of my guests.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the finished scarecrow door hanger for fall! I hope I helped inspire your next project.

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