Monday, September 15, 2014

September Give Thanks, Week 2

September 8:
     Thankful for a reschedule of my school appointment for later in the day, it worked out well. The hubby watched the kids and I was able to get everything done. Now I hope and cross my fingers that everything goes according to plan and I start school on time!

September 9:
     Today I am so very, very thankful for my wonderful sister who was able to fax a few papers for me. I needed to send them for school, and I could not find any information or places here on base that could send a fax. Then my sister did all of the heavy lifting for me! So, so, soooo thankful for her!

September 10:
     Thankful for so many quilters/friends who helped me and gave me a ton of feed back about a baby quilt I have been working on. It has made the quilt and process so much easier as well as satisfying. Knowing that the quilt is more appealing to the eye, means that the person who is going to receive it will love it just that much more (I hope).

September 11:
     Today as we all take a moment to remember those who lost their lives, many years ago; I am finding some bright joy in between all this sadness. Today I am thankful to have received my acceptance into the SDSUs Medical Assistant, with externship, certificate program!! Ill be back in school before the month is over.... a little scary!

September 12:
     Today I was reminded why having kids is a roller-coaster ride no matter what. While the kids were in their bath, Brian was upset because the bubbles were popping, and Jared was laughing at all the bubbles and enjoyed putting them on his head. I am just so thankful that I can find those small moments of just pure joy on one childs face and overly dramatic moment on another. They are my life, and someday I hope I can tell them this story and they will be thankful that I remembered it.

September 13:
     Today I am so thankful for such a wonderful blessing, from a fellow quilter friend (Lynn), who took the time and her own money to send me a TON of brand new zippers!! She has the biggest heart, and I hope I can be just as giving and caring as her. She made my day, week and month!

September 14:
     Today is one of those days where I am thankful we all survived. We ran a ton of errands, did a ton of grocery shopping, and when it was all said and done, I think everyone was tired... Kids and adults!

Give Thanks,

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