Sunday, September 7, 2014

Binding Tutorial

I hate that kind of binding where you have to measure, sew, and measure, sew, etc. then some how hope you did it all correctly so you don't get any puckering. Yeah no, not me. I just sew. Want to know how? Read on:

I was putting binding on a quilt at my Mother-in-laws one day, and she came over and asked me how I did my binding. I showed her how, and she liked it so much she went on to use it on her quilt. I find that the way I do my binding is just simple, fast and easy. Not only that but it looks great and you don't have to do any measuring!

Thats my extremely easy binding video. I hope it all makes sense, and I apologize for the rough video. I was out of town when I made the video, so I had to use my iPhone. I apologize.

Finishing the binding by hand.
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Quilt and Bind Freely,

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