Monday, March 10, 2014

Diaper Wreath

This another post from my sisters baby shower. If you recall the theme was Classic Storybook Baby Shower.

I saw a few ideas of Diaper Wreaths all over pinterest. However, some were so large that they were just ridiculous, and others were so plain and boring. I wanted something that welcomed guests to the party with a little baby inspired welcome. I didn't want it to be too much, or too heavy either; as I was going to hang mine on the front door. I eventually came up with this wreath:

At one point in time the blue bow at the top center was straight, oh well.
 To start out I made a circle about 12 inches wide. I then made another circle about 10 inches wide inside the 12 inch one, on cardboard. I then cut out around the 12 inch circle, and cut inside the 10 inch circle. The results are a cardboard wreath. You can purchase expensive ones, but this was way cheaper, and I had the cardboard on hand.

Now grab a few diapers. I had left over diapers from my son who recently grew out of size 3. I liked the colored prints on the size 3 diapers, plus they are larger then the newborn diapers, and cover more of the wreath. (Which is the look I was going for. I also used the leftover size 3 diapers in the diaper cake.) If you have a mommy-to-be who is going with cloth, another option is to use burp cloths, which I have a tutorial over HERE that you can check out and make! The Honest Company makes super cute designed diapers that would work great for any themed party!

I then opened the diaper, and placed the center of the diaper around the cardboard wreath cut out.

I had blue embroidery floss on hand (but you can purchase it at a local craft store for near to nothing), and I cut off about a 6-8 inch piece.

I then flattened the diaper, wrapped the blue floss around from the back to the front, double knotted it, and added a bow. You really don't need to, I just had extra floss. (I ended up turning the bow around to the back because I hated how it looked.)

I then added another diaper to the right of the first diaper, overlapping slightly to cover the cardboard, and flattened it.

I then again tied it to the cardboard wreath, using the blue dental floss, and finished it off with a bow.

I then added the last diaper and made sure all gaps or any cardboard was covered and filled in.

Add a long 10-12 inch piece of floss, wrapping around the cardboard wreath, to create a piece of floss to hang the wreath from. You can do this with pretty ribbon as well.

You now should have something like this:

I took a few extra minutes, and grabbed some scrapbook paper, stickers, and some pretty blue ribbon. I then traced out a banner onto the scrap book paper, and carefully cut it out. Finished off the details on the front with a very fine point sharpie. I added some cute baby shower 3-D like stickers, and a small blue ribbon bow on the top. I also turned all the blue floss bows to the back, as I ended up not liking them in the end.

The end result was exactly what I was expecting. Simple, elegant, and sticking to the storybook theme with Sesame Street! The wreath holders can be purchased at a craft store, or even at a hardware store. They usually are at an all time low, in price, right after the holidays. I always suggest grabbing a few different colors (or styles) to have on hand for all year round!

Now Bedazzle Your Door With a Cute Wreath,

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