Monday, March 3, 2014

DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner

For my sons 2nd birthday, the theme was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which you can see HERE. I wanted to make a banner, for the party, heres my DIY tutorial on how you can make your own.

 I have seen several Mickey Mouse banners all over the internet and shops, only thing is they are extremely expensive. I just didn't want to spend the money. So instead I grabbed some cheap construction paper ($10, at joanns). I had a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, and I grabbed a bowl that was big enough to put the Mickey Mouse on. Once I had all of those I grabbed a marker and started tracing away.

 This is the bowl and my cookie cutter. If you don't have a cookie cutter, just find some cups or something that you can make a mickey head with, and use that as a template.

I cut out red and black Mickey Mouse heads.

I cut out white, red and black circles. You can change the colors up as you please.

Grabbed my tacky glue, and glued the Mickey Mouse heads to the circles. Now I wrote out what I wanted to put on the banner (Happy 2nd Birthday Brian), then I made sure none of my mickey heads or circles ended up being the same colors. So, make sure you plan ahead before you do any cutting or gluing!

I found some Disney font online, printed it, made it the size I needed, and traced them onto the gold/yellow paper. I have a flash light app on my ipad, and used that to place the letters behind the yellow/gold paper, then traced it onto the yellow. You can do the same with a window and sunlight. It was night time, so I found a different way!

Glue down the letters where they need to go, on the Mickey heads. I then used a hole puncher to punch two holes, about an inch apart, onto the top of the circles.

I then purchased black ribbon (you can use gold, red, or any other color). I purchased a very LONG roll, as I needed to cover about 8 feet of space. I taped one end of the ribbon (to make it easier to slide through the holes). I pull the ribbon up through the LAST circle of the banner, through the right hole.

Then push the ribbon through the left hole, towards the back of the circle.

Continue from the LAST circle to the FIRST circle. Once done you should have something like this.

Once I started decorating for the party, I evenly spaced out the letters, and hung the banner in place.

The finished look is just as nice as the super expensive ones.

Now Its Banner Time,

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