Saturday, March 8, 2014

Storybook Wreath (Storybook Baby Shower Themed Wall Art)

As I am finally getting settled back into my home again, after our long vacation down in Southern California; I suddenly have time to sit back and finish a few blog posts about the baby shower decorations I did. One of the many baby shower decorations I made was the Hungry Caterpillar Wreath. This project is pretty easy, as all you really need is:
1. Two different sized books that you don't mind ripping up
2. Hot glue
3. An 8 in cardboard circle (cake boards work great)
4. A book you want to use (I used the Hungry Caterpillar)
5. Some colored cotton embroider floss
6. Regular glue (I used tacky glue)
7. Scissors

Now you can get started.
Grab your tacky glue, larger book, and your 8 inch round cardboard.

Tear a piece of paper out and in one of the corners place a little tacky glue.

Roll the paper at an angle, so your paper looks something like this.

Place more tacky glue along the opening, and seal the cone shaped paper closed.

Now, once dry, you should have this:

Keeping adding more and more, and place them on your 8 inch cardboard to see how many more you need.

I had about this many, and then decided I needed to move over to the smaller book, and the glue gun.
In other words grab your glue gun and the smaller book.

Heres my large and smaller book, just so you can see the difference in sizes.

Grab that glue gun and warm it up.

While you wait for the glue gun, roll and glue the smaller pages from the smaller book. Just glue them like the large ones, but make sure they are tighter.

Hot glue the large papers down to the 8 inch round, and slowly add in those smaller pages where you have gaps.

When you feel like you have finished, you should have something like this:

Now, turning over to the pretty stuff. I used the different fruits that the caterpillar ate through for the hanging decoration. I simply color copied them, cut them out with a little white around the edges.

I then used my tacky glue to glue some of the colored floss onto the back of the fruit cut out.

I then flipped it over and sandwiched the floss between a piece of paper from the books.

Now do this a couple more times, with all the other fruits (or whatever your books has) and wait until they DRY!!!

Once they are dry, carefully cut them out, but be careful, so you don't cut the floss off!

Once you are done, you should have something like this:

I then copied the caterpillar in color, blew it up to be about 200% larger then its original size, and carefully cut it out.

Placed it on my wreath and decided where I wanted it to go. I made small pencil marks to make sure when I glue it down, it goes back to the spot I like.

I then flipped the caterpillar over, knotted the end of the floss from the fruit decorations, added tacky glue where I want the fruit decorations to hang, and glued them in their spot.

All glued down.

Carefully, after they dry a little, place more glue onto the caterpillars back, and flip it over and place it in the spot on the wreath. I made marks so again this helped me place it right where I liked it.

Make a loop with some more floss, and make several knots.

Add some hot glue to the back of the 8 inch cardboard, and CAREFULLY place the loop into the glue.

Add a little more hot glue on top of the knot, and place some paper over that. That will just help keep the loop in place.

Once done, wait for the party and find a nice spot for it. This wall was right in the line of an open door on the right and another open door on the left. The wind between the two doors made this decoration look and feels so fun.

With more of the decorations at the shower!

Happy Baby Shower Decoration Making,

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