Saturday, March 29, 2014

Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are fun. I have now had a chance to help with one, and make another. I helped make the diaper cake for my baby shower (for my second child) and made this one for my sisters baby shower. I only helped with the one for my shower (the green one), but I made the one for my sisters all on my own (blue colored).

I used this technique:

      You simply lay a few diapers stacked a half inch or so apart, and roll them up. I did about 4-5 diapers at a time and tied them with ribbon (the cheap stuff, almost like twine). I used less as I got closer to the top. I used about 10 or more bundles of the 4-5 diapers for the base, and just took a bundle or two out for each layer I went up.

      I also wrapped loose diapers around each layer on the outside to hide the bundles. You do the same technique as before, layering the diapers, and this time just tie them to the round with some decorative ribbon as you see in the photos. You can use tape or glue to place the two pieces of ribbon together (don't forget to place that in the back).

      I was transporting mine, from one house to the other so I was not using any structural support inside the diaper cake. If you are hanging things or placing stuff from the top to the bottom that you can not do on sight; you can simply purchase wooden rods from any craft store or hardware store and place those on the inside of the diaper layers. Simply slide it into the bottom base (about 3 or so), place your second layer on top making sure the rods slide between the diapers, and then either place new rods or continue stacking, depending on how long your rods are.

The finished product should look something like this:

Just finish it up with some cute toys, candles, rattles, bows, letters, spoons, or even travel size formula!

Heres the diaper cake from my shower, that I helped put together:

Happy Diaper Cake Making,

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