Monday, March 31, 2014

Crib Sheet Tutorial

I have made crib sheets before, but I haven't made a tutorial for it. So, now that I have had the chance to make two Winnie the Pooh themed crib sheets, I was able to make a photo tutorial.

You will need about two yards of fabric. You will also need about 70-80 inches of elastic.

1. Fold your fabric in half and then fold it in half the other way. Measure out the fabric so you have the following measurements and cut any extra material off.

2. You should now have a piece that looks like this.

3. Still with the fabric folded and all four pieces of fabric in one corner you will now need to cut out the square piece.

4. Using a square cutter, cut out an 8x8 inch square. Make sure you cut through all 4 layers of fabric.

5. Finished product should look like this.

6. Un-fold the fabric so you only have ONE corner in front of you.

7. Place the two corners, on top of each other, right sides together. (Place left hand on left side of fabric and the other on the right side of fabric. Take left hand over to the right hand. Line up the corners.)

8. Pin the pieces together.

9. Serge or sew the two pieces together.

10. Do the same thing to the other 3 corners, until you are done.

11. Fold the out side edge of the sheet inward towards the back/wrong side of the sheet. Make sure to fold slightly LARGER then your elastic. I believe mine is 1/4in and sew I folded 1/2 inch.

12. Use your iron and press your seam.

13. Start sewing your seam down, remember how larger your elastic is and sew accordingly. Mine was 1/4in, and my fold was 1/2in, so I sewed about 1/8 of an inch from the edge all the way around.

14. Try to line up seam from the corner as you go.

15. Leave about a two inch opening in your hem to slide your elastic into.

16. Take a safety pin and pin it to one end of the elastic.

17. Push the pin into the opening, and wiggle it down and around the entire sheet.

... just keep scrunching up the fabric using the pin the push through.

18. Once you are back at the beginning pull the pin and elastic out.

19. Take your pin off, and place the two pieces of elastic together.

20. Pull enough of the elastic out and away from the sheet as possible, and run it under the sewing machine using several back and forth stitches with your zig zag stitch,

21. Slide the elastic back into the sheet, pull the sheet tight, and get the open hole as flat as possible.

22. Stitch the hole up with a simple straight stitch. I like to back stitch a few times at the beginning and end to ensure it holds.

23. You are now done!

Enjoy Your Sheet,

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