Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baby Shower Goody Bags/Jars

For a Baby Shower party, what else is cuter and fits in perfect for favors as baby jars with candy! Yes, its that simple. Find baby food jars, ask your mommy friends, or collect them yourself. I have a 9 month old and I use about 2-3 baby food jars a day; so it was easy for me to collect a few jars. I rinsed them, pulled the labels off, then used Goo-Gone to pull the sticky goo off, then lastly I ran them through the dishwasher (lids too). Once they were dry and clean I was able to start the process of putting the labels on them.

I printed out Thank You in different colors, and cut them up. I also took colored paper to match the baby shower colors and cut those just slightly larger then the Thank You squares. I then trimmed it all up.

Next I take the jar and find my front and back. Some of the jars had random black ink marks on them, so I used this chance to place it in the back or put my ribbon over it if I could.

I used a thin ribbon, and just a basic white. Make sure you have enough ribbon!

Take a hot glue gun and glue on side of the ribbon down in the FRONT of your jar.

Wrap the ribbon around and glue it in place next to the other end.

Now turn the jar around so the seam is facing away from you. Set it right next to you.

Grab your colored paper with the Thank You glued on to it, and place it facing down.

Place hot glue on it.

Press the ribbon seam side into the paper (do NOT use your fingers as the glue will be too hot and you might burn yourself). Press the jar into the paper, and roll it from side to side.

Then turn it around and press with your finger to make sure its secure.

Set them aside, and continue on... and finish the rest of your jars.

Grab all the lids off all the jars, and a can of colored spray paint. I used white, but after I sprayed the lids with several coats the expiration date was still noticeable. I would recommend a color that will cover that.

I then laid a box down, place all the lids a few inches apart, and started to spray. Be sure to get the sides too.

If they need to, give them a second coat.

Place the lids back on once they are dry, and start adding the candy (or whatever you want to put in them).

I also did the same labels with a piece of paper that said Rachel's Baby Shower, looped the ribbon around the baby bottles (which I purchased off amazon.) Just glue the ribbon to the sign and drape it over the bottle.

The finished product at the party. The baby bottles are in clear bags with other candy items.

Happy Goody Bag Making,

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