Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Giving Thanks, Week 2

April 8:
     Excited and thankful to be working on a small hand sewn/quilted baby blanket, just for fun! Just working on my hand sewing techniques and practicing different stitches, which is making time for me. We all need that from time to time.

April 9:
     Today was by far a rough day, so trying to find something to be positive and thankful for is extremely difficult. However, I am thankful for my loving and caring husband who just knows me so well, and knows when all we need is a little chocolate to lift our spirits! Yum.

April 10:
     Thankful for a little motivation to get the house cleaned up and smelling like a clean house. When you have two kids who wear diapers, trust me this is the best thing ever.

April 11:
     Thankful for the time with our neighbors and new friends. The kids had a blast in the pool, bounce house and all the toys. I enjoyed all the adult conversation too!

April 12:
     So excited to have my mother here to visit. I am thankful for her safe drive and safe arrival!

April 13:
     Thankful today for the amazingly fun and exciting day down in Sacramento, where theres a Train Museum and old style buildings and stores. It was a ton of wonderful fun!

April 14:
     Thankful today for my wonderful mother being here and spoiling myself and the kids! Love my mother so much!

Give Thanks,

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