Friday, April 11, 2014

Learning Colors

My two year old is all about colors. Everything is GREEN, or BLUE, etc. I figured it might be a great idea to get him a color wheel or buy him something that will help with colors. I just never found anything worth buying, and nothing that seemed educational (in a fun way). I came up with the idea of using flannel and felt so he could hang the color next to the name. The idea was to use the color circle and the colored name to help him associate the two. Of course right now he can't read the color names, but he can match the colored word to the colored circle. In time he will be able to read them.

I had flannel on hand, and just purchased one felt rectangle of each color. I kept it simple and basic. White, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. You can add more or others if you want to do this.

I cut out a circle and the word of each color. I then laid them on about a yard of white flannel. When I decided on the placement I then used fabric glue to glue just the WORD down. The circles do not get glued down.

I then just used some thumb tacks, and pinned the white flannel.

I then gave my son the colored circle, one by one and let him place the circles as close to the colors name as possible. He is totally in to it and so is my youngest... Well, he likes to just hold the circles, and carry them around.

See The Rainbow,

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