Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Goody Bags

Do you have a Disney or Mickey Mouse themed party coming up? If so, this goody bag and favors are perfect in every way. Not only that but they are super easy to make! Check out the tutorial and photos below to find out how you can make these goodies.

First, is the favors. I went to Sams Club and purchased a HUGE box of animal crackers. You can purchase anything, but you might want something in bulk size. I then purchased 20 clear bags from a craft store. I filled each bag with about a cup of crackers.

I then purchased black foam from a craft store, and used a template to trace out mickey heads. I then cut them all out. 20 in total.

I then folded the clear bag and stapled the black mickey head cut outs to the bags. Make sure the staples go through the folds.

Then place them where all the little hands can grab them.

Next are the goody bags. Buy some red bags, and some black construction paper. Use the bag as a template and cut out a rectangle/square with the black construction paper, to cover the top half of the bag. Then cut out circles for the ears. You can do the ears any size, I went smaller as I was running out of black paper. To make the circles you can use a cup, a bottle, a bowl, anything circular.

Then using an oval shaped object, cut out two yellow ovals and repeat for how many bags you have.

Add all the goody items you purchased for the kids to the bags. Note: you can add red bows with white dots to the top side of the bags for all the girls.

Get Cutting,

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