Monday, April 7, 2014

Just a Quick Small Project

When I sit down and have a horrible headache, or I have had a long stressful exhausting day (especially dealing with the kids); I feel a need to hide out, escape from life and I do just that, in my sewing/craft room. My mother in law is always collecting fun projects and material. I often sit and chat with her in her sewing room and discuss fun projects or any current ones as well. She usually then finds fun projects that she has purchased on a whim and asks if I would like them... I am always grateful but always decline knowing she will know more kids or have more time to make those such items/use the material. Sometimes, like this last trip, she gets sneaky and throws those fun projects or other such stuff into my stuff. She is the best, and I am always so grateful for all she does for myself, my kids, and my sewing/fabric addiction! Anyways, long story short, she had purchased a few soft book panels, and never got around to them. I of course love small projects and tonight was a perfect night to sew.

I grabbed the panel, and began to cut. A little cutting here, and a little cutting there. A few slices of batting, and a few slices more. A brush with my serger, and a few ironed pieces, and lastly a lot of top stitching... and its done. Yes, all within an hour or so. I love these small, calming pieces; as they just help my body relax and my mind run free. No stress, no kids, no screaming. Just calm, quiet time to sew and think about nothing or everything.

Here's a look at the book and small dinosaur toy:

This is the panel, sitting on my lap.

After cutting all the pieces out, as well as the batting.

Dinosaur toy, cut out, sewn and ready to be top stitched closed.

All the book pages, sewn, flipped, ironed and top stitched closed.

The finished soft book, and soft dinosaur.
Ready to Read.... WRAAAARRRR,

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