Tuesday, April 15, 2014


When I was younger, I couldn't stand what mothers said about their kids. Ugh. Why? Why did mothers always have to say they loved that, or could do this with their kids for forever... and so on. It was just annoying, weird, and for me I was so over it. My mother raised myself, my sister and two brothers all by herself. She rarely had help, and when she did it was always appreciated. We had rough days, weeks, or years; but eventually, we just made it work. We lived a normal life, as I would call it, and we all enjoyed our childhood.

Now that I am a mom of two kids, I can officially say all those things I hated to hear, when I was a kid. Sometimes, I even catch myself laughing at my old memories of what I use to say. Glad time and life experience has changed me.

Heres a few I couldn't stand then, but say today:

I could watch my kids sleep forever.

I love watching them smile and laugh.

My kids are true love.

I never knew what true love was until I had kids.

They really are a blessing.

I can just see my old self, rolling my eyes, or giving the "for real, right now?" look. I recall when one of my friends had her son at a younger age, and she was just so over the moon in love with him. She really could not express the feelings she had for him, and I loved him on a certain level, but never as deep as a real mothers love. I still couldn't understand it then.

The bond you have with your child is so life changing, and as a young adult, or teenager I would never and probably could never have understood, or realized any of that. Love is powerful, and I found my soul mate while still in high school. So, I thought I knew what love was. However, when you are dating, or get married to someone, that kind of love is so different from a love for a child. I think its also a deeper kind of love from the mother then the father. As we make them inside our bellies, and slowly feel life take shape. Its an amazing experience to be a woman, get pregnant, give birth, and hold your baby for the first time. Its life changing.

I am not sure men could understand that as deep as woman do, but maybe men love their kids differently as well. Maybe all humans feel love for a partner vs a child differently? I know I can categorize it as different. What do you all think? Leave a comment, let me know; especially if you are a male and have children. Tell me how you see love for your partner and for your kids. Also, whats something you would have hated to hear parents say then that you would say now?

Love Life,

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