Monday, July 14, 2014

July Give Thanks, Week 2

July 8:
     I just can not be thankful enough for all the wonderful new places we are visiting and experiencing today. We have had some amazing food and shopped at some amazing new shops, best day ever. Love seeing some of our local area.

July 9:
     Thankful for an amazing day in Sacramento. It has been so much fun. Train museum, old Sac., shop hopping all over Sac., and driving around to see the area. Never knew California had so much to see and do.

Train museum; B man and Grandpa!

My sleepy J man. Love this ring sling.

July 10:
     Sad to see Grandma and Grandpa Pitcher leave today, but thankful for everything they did and gave us a chance to see and experience on this trip and vacation. Its amazing what you see and experience when you just take a few extra minutes and learn to relax.

July 11:
     Silence. Today, I am thankful for any silence I get. The boys have not been feeling well, I have not been feeling well, and my poor husband has not been feeling well. So, any small amount of calm silence is like gold to me right now!

July 12:
     Once again I have to be so thankful for the most amazing husband ever. I had to go to the ER and my oldest son got so sick, he was throwing up; and here my husband is, cleaning up and taking care of everyone! I was blessed with such a strong and amazing husband!

July 13:
     Thankful for a new phone!! We had our upgrades this past month, and decided to stop by a verizon store to see what we could get. Finally, we are apart of the 5c iphone group!! YAY!

July 14:
     Today has been a long day, but one thing I love is being able to skype with friends. So thankful for that modern technology, so I can keep up with my wonderful friends all over the world!

Give Thanks,

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