Thursday, July 31, 2014

Easter With Grandma

I absolutely love having family and friends come to visit us. I am a huge hostess of the mostess... yeah. Uh, moving on.... I love showing people all the cool places we have discovered and or finding new places to discover together. When Easter had come around we had only been in Northern California for about 6 or so months. We had discovered a few places and really wanted to take my mom to them all. My mom has come to visit before, during thanksgiving; but we have since found a few other places to discover.

We started our adventure for the week at a new sushi restaurant. We haven't been to one here yet, and my mom was up for some sushi, as we both always are! She of course came with gifts for the kids, and they absolutely loved them! Fake food, and a puzzle... kept the kids completely happy.

Playing with his fake food.

Testing out the puzzle.
 Another place that we discovered and love, is the train museum in old Sacramento. Both our boys absolutely LOVE trains, and can never have too much train time. We purchased train museum passes when we took my mother to the museum that day. I think our kids were happy about that, as you can see it on their faces.

Playing with the toy trains.
Well, what holiday isn't complete without the traumatic photos! Of course my mother and I spent a few hours at the local mall, waiting to see the Easter Bunny. Both boys were not exactly excited to see him, but at the same time, they at least sat long enough for us to get a decent picture.

One thing we did do last time my mother was here was the Jelly Belly Factory. We had so much fun, and the kids loved the tour, not to mention all the free candy. So, of course we had to go back, and our neighbor and her two daughters came with us. It was a holiday week, so the line was kind of long, but totally worth it in the end.

Watching the chocolatiers.
 ... and why not try another creepy Easter bunny photo... Well, at least one of them is starting to like the Easter Bunny.

Finishing my mothers trip off with Easter Egg coloring. It was full of excitement and thrill. Brian wanted to eat one of the eggs, so I pealed one, and then next thing we knew he threw the egg into the food coloring. It was a hilarious moment.

This is the egg that I cracked open for him to eat, but ended up coloring it instead!
 When the week was over and my mom was headed home, we all kind of felt a mix of these emotions:

Don't Go MOM!!!!

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