Saturday, July 12, 2014

July Give Thanks, Week 1

July 1:
     Thankful for wonderful in-laws who will take us and the kids to the Safari Park and pretty much get to see the most amazing animals awake, moving and playing with everyone.

The best shot of the day. The cub was playing with Brian!

July 2:
     Thankful for a moment of peace, and thankful for my wonderful mother-in-law who let me use her machine and gave me pretty much an entire quilt to quilt and finish!

July 3:
    It was an amazing afternoon with my mom, and my husbands family; thankful that we all could come together, have dinner, and spend the last night together before we head back out on our journey.

July 4:
     Thankful that our trip today has been a safe one. We traveled through Solvang, and along the coast to Santa Maria. Free fireworks show from our hotel, and it wasn't just one show!

Our family in Solvang!

July 5:
     Another day of touring the coast of California. Thankful for this wonderful trip to Morro Bay Aquarium, feeding seals, stopping at quilt shops, and seeing some of the most amazing views ever.

July 6:
      Today I am so thankful for a wonderful, amazing experience at the Monterrey Aquarium! It was really unique, large, informational, and beyond what I could have ever asked for. The kids had such a great time that they were running all over, playing in the tide pools, touching everything, and telling us all about it. I can not say enough, how much we all enjoyed it!

July 7:
     I am grateful and very thankful to finally be home and relaxing (a little bit). Still had to grab groceries and of course hit up a quilt shop or two in the area, but other then that its been nice to be home.

Give Thanks,

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