Saturday, July 19, 2014

Felt Cookies

Now that the kids stove is done, I wanted to make some felt cookies for the boys to play with. My oldest son loves to bake cookies with myself or his father. We love being in the kitchen. I decided he would get a kick out of having his own. I also had a Wilton cake lifter that is large enough to work as a kid size cookie sheet. You can purchase them at most local craft shops that carry Wilton, or purchase it here!

If you want to make some of these felt cookies you will need to purchase the sandstone and antique white sheets for the outside of the cookies. For the chocolate chips I purchased the copper canyon felt sheet. You can purchase them at joanns, and heres the link to the felt.

You will need a small amount of cotton embroidery floss. You don't need any particular type, as there are so many. You can just grab the smallest bundle or the cheapest. I had an awesome mother in law who had some on hand that I used. You want to match your floss to your felt as close as you can; for the sandstone, the antique white and the copper canyon (those are the cookie circles and the chocolate chips).

The last few things you will need is some type of batting. A fluffy one or a thin one, doesn't matter as you can always add more layers of it or less. You can also use poly-fill. Now just add the basic stuff, a needle for the floss, and scissors.

You are all set. Time to make some cookies.

To start you will want to choose a circle size. I used a cup I had on hand. You want a front and back for each cookie. Then cut out the batting slightly SMALLER then the cookie circle. I cut two pieces of batting for each cookie, but my batting was very thin. Just do what feels right to you. No right or wrong here!

To make the sprinkle covered cookie, you will need to make french knots on one circle piece. This will be on the antique white felt. Use different colored floss to make the knots all over the top of the cookie. Heres a quick easy video on how to make french knots:
Once the top of the cookie is covered in different colored french knots, then add the batting and the back of the cookie. Using a blanket stitch around the edge of the two cookie pieces, close the cookie.
Once you finish the blanket stitch, tie off two knots (or three), and you are done. Complete the other cookies just like that.

TIP: I took all the tops of the cookies, cut one long strand of colored floss and used it for all the cookie tops. Then move to the next color, and then the next, etc. Once those are done then just do the blanket stitch and your done. No threading and re-threading a hundred times!

Now on to the chocolate chip cookies! These are a lot easier. Cut out random chocolate chunks, any shape any size. Whip stitch them onto the tops (and backs if you want) to the sandstone felt circles. Once you have enough chunks of chocolate that you like, add the layer(s) of batting, and the back of the cookie and blanket stitch them closed. Super easy!

These cookies are fun and the kids love playing with them, "baking" them, and "eating" them for dessert! I hope your kids enjoy them just as much as mine do.

Bake On,

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