Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quilt Inspiration 365

Finding inspiration for a quilt, quilt idea, or quilt artwork can be kind of hard. Sometimes I am quick to find a design, but can't find the right fabric to bring the pattern to life. Or the complete opposite... I stare at a pile of gorgeous fabric and I have no clue what designs or patterns would highlight the beauty of the fabric. I often sit in front of my computer screen searching for patterns or ideas of what to do; typically on pinterest, or even just a quick google search.

Then I found a quilting group on facebook, and noticed a few bloggers blogging about inspiration from the world around them. Matching color palettes to the colors in the pictures or whatever else. It was brilliant. I mean, seriously; why didn't I just look out of the window and get my eyes off my computer screen. I know, I know... you are sitting there, reading this now, but first finish; then go explore and take a few photos to help inspire your creativity.

I was cleaning out my photos, and going through my old items (time to make room for other stuff), and I came across a painting my mother purchased for me a few years ago. The story is a simple one. My mother, boyfriend (at the time, now husband) went to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. It was for an art class I was taking and could have cared less about the paper I needed to write. I just needed to take the class and pass, so I could move on with my general education. While walking around and trying to get inspiration from something, somewhere; I walked into a small room, and there it sat on the wall. Bright, bold colors, a dim light across the painting. I remember pausing and saying to my mom, "this is a painting by Van Gogh, I am literally standing in front of a painting by a famous artist." My mom looked at me like, uh huh and... For me, at that time, I was so amazed by antiques, items that have survived years apon years. Think about something you made as a child, is it still around? Do your parents still have it? Is it falling apart, beat up or trashed? More then likely, if it has survived this long, yes. Its practically falling apart. Now, think about standing in front of a Van Gogh painting or the Mona Lisa. That, is INSPIRATION!

In the end, my mother realized my connection with the painting, and purchased a copy for me. When I came across it this week I realized how beautiful it was, all over again. Just look for your self:

When I saw this painting again, it made me want to walk outside and feel the wind on my skin, smell the flowers growing in my garden, and hear all the amazing animals talking and singing. I am sure we all have a few moments in our life that have made us feel so inspired, they have helped shape us, or give us our push. This painting has done that for me, in so many ways. With that being said, I felt it deserved to be my first Quilt Inspiration 365 post.

Kona Coal, Kona Yarrow, Kona Wine, Kona Midnight, Kona Leaf, and Kona Gold.
I then stepped outside, and realized so much more inspiration can be seen all around me!

View from Big Sur

View from the San Diego Safari Park

The wonderful Golden Gate Bridge
I love the idea of making a quilted art piece with the Golden Gate Bridge on it, or a view overlooking the sea. It would be so calming.

Another inspirational item that I came across (again while unpacking our items), was our door hanging from Japan.

These are curtain like items that hang between a room. We used to use it for our closet, to hide our mess. I no longer need it, and am trying to redecorate our bedroom. This no longer goes with what I want to do in our room, so... I am thinking I would love to do some quilt work with it. Its a beautiful piece of art in and of its self. Not to mention the handful of Japanese fabric I have from living in Japan for four years. Might be a great time to use it all.

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Well, I hope I got everyone. Also be sure to #QuiltInspiration365 if you blog or add anything in social media you feel the quilting world would love to see as inspiration.

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laura west kong said...

I've always loved Van Gogh's irises. There's definitely inspiration in your photos and all over the world around us! Thanks for sharing.